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  • Chile Cuisine Research Paper

    Chile Cuisine Chile is a country that is in the South American Continent. Most of the population is white/ Non indigenous. The main language spoken in Chile is Spanish as well as there also being other languages spoken other than Spanish such as English and other languages among the people that are indigenous to the country. Chile is home to many different kinds of foods that originally originated from Chile with the help of their influences such as immigrants that bring their ideas and culture…

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  • Essay On Medieval Food

    The food during Medieval Times sounds so delicious! They had meatballs, pastries, and a plethora of exotic and simple recipes. However not all people had access to the wonders of medieval cuisine. This report explores the different aspects of medieval food including what the peasants ate, what the nobles ate, what were some of the food restrictions, and what feast days meant to the different classes. Learning about the different foods that nobles and peasants ate, may help you understand and…

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  • Ocean Spray Research Paper

    As I jumped out of the car ready to start the new vacation I was amazed by the vast size of the ship and all I would do this week. The Ocean Spray hit me as we entered the dock. I could not believe I was finally here after what felt like years of waiting for this trip. The ship was a huge Carnival and it had a slide on the top it was a shade of bright red and made me think of a water park in the midst of summer and walking towards the ship I could not stop looking at it. The slide was peaked on…

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  • The Importance Of Food In A Multicultural Country

    The United State is a multicultural country. People from different ethnic groups live here, and these groups make The United State has varied cuisine more than other countries. Last summer, I experienced a conflict with my couple Caucasian customers at my uncle 's restaurant. My uncle is a chef at his Vietnamese restaurant. He loves to cook, and he has studied to become a good cook. He used to work for a lot of restaurants with different type of menus such as Western, Latino, Chinese, Thai…

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  • Korean Garden Essay

    I eat a lot. It might be obvious to some, but I really do love food. A lot of my free time is spent “eating out”, whether it’s by myself or with friends. The places that we eat out at depends on whatever were in the mood for, as well as our budget. Sometimes, it’ll be a quick trip to a Wendy’s or McDonald’s, grabbing a chocolate frosty or some French fries. Other times it’ll be a group dinner at an outback steakhouse because we’re in the mood for some steaks. But for pure enjoyment, more often…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Fruit Pizza

    The following recipe has repeatedly changed and remade over time in order to achieve the superior ingredients to create everyone’s favorite fruit pizza. My family often enjoys making the delectable dessert together. We often listen to music and dance around the kitchen consumed with laughter. My stepfather first introduced fruit pizza to me while attending a family cookout. He told my family, he made a special pizza for us. Fruit pizza, the first thought that entered my mind was pizza and fruit.…

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  • Frog Sashimi Research Paper

    Frog Sashimi: A bizarre dish Japanese are known for their culture in eating fresh or raw foods. Some restaurants in Tokyo, Japan want to introduce and promote fresh and unusual dishes to draw in some Japanese and tourists visiting in their place. So a video of a woman went viral because she is eating a live frog sashimi in one of the restaurant in Tokyo. Many people are against in that concept and commented harsh words but they did not realize they also killed and eat meats to satisfy their…

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  • The Importance Of The Italian Culture

    I chose to immerse myself into the Italian culture. Choosing this culture was not difficult because I am, according to AncestryDNA, 75% Italian and would love to learn more about where I come from. The only exposure that I have gotten in relation to the culture was when I traveled to Italy in June of 2017 and by living at home with my extended Italian family. After extensive research, I learned a hefty amount of information on Italian culture. For the course, I was required to download two…

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  • The Importance Of Loyality In Tourism

    Avieli, 2004; Ryu & Jang, 2006; Seo, Kim, Oh, & Yun, 2013) who seeks for unusual or extraordinary food experience and new culture which they could not acquire from their own place. A tourism destination could be popularized because of the specialty cuisines it serves the people. This is obviously being observed in European Country such as France and Italy, which are known for their pizza and pasta sensations (Henderson, 2009). Tourists tend to involve themselves by tasting the new sensation…

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  • Illegal Immigration Summary

    Illegal immigration It is night when the day begins by (Mother Jones November/ December 2004) explains how hard the life is for the Mexican people who migrate to America for a better life. In California San Joaquin Vicente and his wife Isabel wake up early in the morning. She start making some food for the following day and he get ready for going to work. Also the bakeries open early because people need to take a coffee and go to their work. A lot of workers work in the farm and…

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