Vietnamese Immigrants Culture Analysis

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In the early 19th century, the waves of the Asian immigrants to America mostly found a job as day laborers. They fluently worked on cross-country railway, transportation system by rail, and in the mining industry. According to the data gathered by the Census Bureau in “Total Asian alone ...” the estimated number of U.S. residents on July, 2013 who were Vietnamese is approximately more than 1.6 million. America is a nation established by immigrants. Therefore, the immigrants’ culture also contributed into the America culture. Among of the cultures, the Vietnamese immigrants’ culture has known as a Southeastern Asia culture in America. The Vietnamese immigrants’ culture determines the food they choice, where they live, how they dress, how they socialize, and what they believe. Not only the Vietnamese immigrants brought laborers to the United …show more content…
The practice of ancestor worship has a huge influenced in Vietnamese life. The Vietnamese immigrants believe that the spirits of ancestors always be side and bless them. Most of the families hang traces of their heritages on the wall. An ancestral altar was an indispensable stuff in their home and it placed in the most suitable place. In the anniversary, the Lunar New Year, and the fifteenth day in month, the Vietnamese immigrants burn incense as a form of notice to the ancestors. Similarly, religion has always played an essential role in Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese immigrants often go to temple not only for good luck, but also to meet friends in the Vietnamese community. Likewise, Vietnamese Catholic people frequently go to the temple in Lunar New Year. More than a festival, Lunar New Year is an opportunity for the whole family, friends and meet together, talk together with Vietnamese immigrants’ community. It is the opportunity to taste the hometown cuisines, and remind them to remember their

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