Essay About Japanese Cuisine

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Japanese cuisine is well-known by many people in the world. Some people love them because of the delicious favor, others love them because of the healthy nutrition. For me, the Japanese cuisine is a unique art. There are many things affect to Japanese cuisine: history, social, regional, and political. The most popular food when people are asked about Japanese cuisine is sushi. Sushi is a combination of cooked vinegared rice with other things like vegetables, seafood… Depend on structure, they have difference name. If the fish is cut and served on the top of rice, it is called “sashimi.” If it is wrapped by dried seaweed, it is called “makizushi.” For an Itamae (a sushi chef) has to spend years of training to make a perfect sushi dish. He has to know how to cook rice, find a best fish, and use the right knife to cut. Finally, he has to know how to treat his customer because the food is always better when you feel good.
Beside sushi, tempura is also a well-known dish in Japanese cuisine. Tempura is brought to Japan by Portuguese and Spanish during sixteenth century.
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It combination of wheat noodle, meat, and soup made from stock. Depend on the soup, ramen can be divided into difference names such as Shio (“salt”), Tonkotsu (“pork bone”), Shoyu (“soy sauce”), and Miso ramen. Moreover, other versions of ramen can be found throughout Japan. The first time I knew to this dish, when I watched the movie “Ramen Girl.” It is about a modern woman try to become a ramen chef. The movie gave me the inspiration to understand the Japanese cuisine. If a chef puts his skills, efforts, and spirit inside a dish, it becomes a valuable thing. We can find some Japanese restaurants in the Top 50 restaurants in the world. Recently, more restaurants in Japan is awarded Michelin star a three star rating, the highest rate and only the best restaurant is deserved it. Japanese cuisine has affected difference people in many

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