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  • Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Psychological Analysis

    Analysis ” Antisocial personality disorder is a psychosocial theory that is often referred to as psychopathy…Those that live with Antisocial Personality Disorder frequently lack empathy and tend to be heartless, sarcastic, and condescending towards the feelings, rights, and sufferings of others. They may have an exaggerated and egotistical self-appraisal and may be excessively narrow-minded, self-confident, or boastful. A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and…

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  • Essay On Middle School Learners

    specific psychological approach that helps them to deal with the current psychological problems and creates the necessary potential for the future development of each individual. Although each middle school learner is different, it is possible to outline some general principles that describe developmentally appropriate aspects for this group of students. First of all, developmentally appropriate practices include those that help learners’ emotional…

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  • Forensic Psychiatry

    Forensic Psychiatry and Behavioral Science is a subset of psychiatry where there is an interaction between the two sciences and the law, though this is a somewhat restriction definition. Forensic psychiatrists also work to aid the mentally ill in navigating three major institutions: mental health, justice, and correctional. This subfield focuses on objective psychological evaluations, where adolescents, adults, and the elderly may be referred to determine any psychiatric, neurologic, and…

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  • Theories Of Learning And Teaching

    All humans bring a unique set of qualities which impact how they learn. How to accommodate these idiosyncrasies is an important factor in effectively facilitating learning. The subjects of learning and teaching are paramount in many fields of study such as education, business, science and politics. This short list only comprises a small number of the many possible examples of learning and teaching applied to our world. No matter the field or focus of study, a better understanding of how…

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  • Reflection On My Major Work

    interested in the complexities of the human psyche. My work is confronting as it subverts idealised notions of family relationships through a suspenseful and explicit plotline. Furthermore, whilst my work omits technical language and details of psychology, I believe that the themes and emotional…

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  • Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis Theory

    development and promotion of this theory was easily facilitated. Psychotherapists were able to read about Berne’s theories and test them out in their own practices (ericberne.com). Transactional Analysis is a social psychology and a method to improve communication. The theory outlines how we have developed and treat ourselves, how we relate and communicate with others, and offers suggestions and interventions which will enable us to change and grow (businessballs.com). Nowadays, TA is used…

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  • I-O Psychology Case Study

    Industrial And Organisational Psychology, are required to study on personnel selection, mainly on both, objective and subjective selection techniques. Industrial and organizational psychology, which is also known as I–O psychology, is the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations (Wikipedia, 2 July 2015). According to Blum & Naylor (1968), industrial and organisational psychology is a fact and the…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Inignificant Errors

    one’s attention, either by psychic or organic factors. The “apparently significant errors” include some inaccuracies of speech in which a person unintentionally uses a wrong word or misreading in writing or the print (Freud, 1920). In contrast, Freud outlines other errors based on forgetfulness that, in essence, cannot be remembered in a certain time interval. For instance, mislaying items that cannot be found again are not of interest. Such errors are not insignificant because they are…

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  • Significance Of Behaviourism

    research was a response to the prevailing psychoanalytic approaches to therapy at the time. In his work ‘Psychology from the Standpoint of a Behaviourist’ published in 1929, Watson believed that behaviourism, ‘Attempted to make a fresh, clean start in psychology, breaking with current theories and with traditional concepts and terminology’ (www.britannica.com). His vision was one of psychology becoming a purely objective branch of natural science, where the only admissible conclusions were those…

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  • What Is Wrongfulness Equated To Harmfulness?

    published questioning the methodology , the findings, and the conclusions of the researchers. After reading the three articles the reaction is the following : Science, morals and emotions have unique definitions and each has a place in the world of psychology , in order to understand the impact they have on society, science must eliminate values and moral judgement and find the facts. As a whole, society can be inhibited…

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