The New Christian Counseling Case Study

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Another important argument, presented is that the new Christian counselor should see Christian counseling as a pact between the counselor and the client to work in partnership for the ownership of the soul. The textbook discusses several unique resources such as the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority of God that derives from being a Christian counselor working in collaboration with God’s presence. In other words, the Christian counselor is a partnership between God, the client, and the counselor.
The Holy Spirit is an authoritative person that abides in individuals and takes dwelling in the body of the believer. The book The New Christian Counselor 2015 offers an outline to the meaning and shaping of the human soul. The book also emphasizes that when individuals take possession of their soul, they also need to take ownership of
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On the other hand, the worldview of Christian counselors is grounded in the conceptualization that God’s trinity offered to us in the scriptures is alive and that it is the creator of all things (Hawkins & Clinton, 2015, p. 44). Secondly, both authors believe that not only God’s purpose for humanity is redemption in Christ, but also that Christian Counseling aims to assist individuals in coping and overcoming psychological symptoms.
Nonetheless, the ultimate goal of Christian counseling sees the person from a holistic perspective. As Hawkins and Clinton (2015) stated: “Spirituality and religion are the fifth force in psychotherapy behind psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, and multicultural forces” (p. 194). At the present time, many counselors both, Christian and secular are recognizing that when a person is suffering from emotional problems, it affects the physical body and the spirit, and it affects how they relate to the world (as cited in Brewer & Peters (n.d.), “Integration of

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