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  • Four Methods Of Time Management And The Importance Of Time Management

    into action. Students should look at their course outline and set dates of assignments and presentations due. For instance, when student have revised their subjects’ teaching plan, students can decide which requires more time to complete hence plan to start early and avoid clashing with other subjects. Similar to the previous explanation, student should also prioritize their list and create small do to list. For example, if introduction to psychology presentation is due earlier than university…

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  • Hildegard Peplau's Theory Of Mental Nursing Theory

    A plethora of theories have served as the basis for the practice of psychiatric mental health nursing since the 1950’s. Hildegard Peplau drew her theory of Interpersonal Nursing from the work of Harry Stack Sullivan and the interactionists, who focused on the interpersonal relationship as the focus of healing. Certainly, this is a strong choice for the psychiatric nurse in practice. Fitzpatrick and Tusaie identify clearly how important it is that “Advanced Practice Registered Nurse professional…

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  • Case Study Of Lisa Miller's Competency To Stand Trial

    One look at this case study and one will immediately wonder, would Lisa Miller be competent to stand trial and if so would she be able to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity? First, a solid understanding must be reached as to what it means to be competent to stand trial. A look at how Costanzo and Krauss (2015) define competency to stand trial and how it pertains to the Miller case. Then an examination of an article in which competency to stand trial is the main focus. Next, what…

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  • Social Work Program Analysis

    Walden’s programmed offered a lot more than other programs that were sought. Because I have such high hopes of obtaining my masters it was very important that I found a school that not only took pride and careful consideration into the curriculum outline, but also one that provided an array of options that could make it possible for me to adjust and succeed while carrying the load of personal obligation. Walden was able to offer this with…

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  • Child Maltreatment And School Psychology: Article Analysis

    Child Maltreatment and the School Psychologist Viezel, K. D., & Davis, A. S. (2015). Child maltreatment and the school psychologist. Psychology in the Schools, 52(1), 1-8. doi:10.1002/pits.21807 When the historical manner in which children have been perceived and consequently treated is taken into consideration it is nothing short of divine intervention that the human race did not kill itself off centuries ago. We live in a broken world filled with pain and suffering, despair and hopelessness,…

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  • School Psychology Career Paper

    because I find this type of work very interesting. The idea of working in a school has always made me very curious, but as I grew older I decide teaching was not for me. As I continued to take assessments to find a career I stumbled across school psychology. I fell in love with the idea of working one on one with a child. The idea of helping children with everyday life on a mental level. As a school psychologist's I would be working one on one with students with behavior, education, and mental…

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  • Analysis Of Adorno's Theories

    In which way are the studies carried out by Adorno (1950) et al. and Allum (2011) linked? The reason why this is an interesting question is that it provides a measure of how much Adorno's studies have profoundly influenced not only the sociology of his time and the classical studies, but are still capable of provoking a reflection that can find an expressive space in the contemporary psychosocial context. Allum has in fact used part of Adorno’s theory to explain why people believe in…

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  • The Secret To Great Public Speaking Analysis

    In a recent TED talk, Chris Anderson talked about “The Secret to Great Public Speaking”. In this video, Anderson discussed how ideas are transferred. Idea is shared among people. The key to sharing one’s idea is to focus on one idea at a time. He explains that an idea, or an interconnection of neurons in an individual’s brain, will be shared in real-time in other’s brains as they hear of the voice of the speaker. One’s mind, or the thing that makes someone unique can be described as a vast…

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  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Case Study

    school Linehan wanted to become a psychiatrist and work with the most mentally disturbed patients. She realized, however, that there weren’t a lot of effective treatments for these patients. She then decided to earn a PhD in experiential personality psychology (Prochaska & Norcross 2014). Linehan wanted to work with the most difficult patients, but she realized they often were not willing to participate. She theorized that comprehensive psychotherapy should meet the following five vital…

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  • Social Work Perspective Analysis

    Introduction In the profession of social work, emphasis is placed on theory being applied to practice. Essentially, theories are important in the social work profession because they examine human behaviors and how the environment may have an impact on a client’s behavior. In this analysis, the psychological and social dimensions is used for the transpersonal perspective to provide an understanding of the psychological developments of spirituality and the spiritual dimension is used to provide an…

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