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  • Bay Of Pigs Analysis

    “psychological environments” of the decision makers’ beliefs and backgrounds (Rosati, 2000: 50). Their decisions will reflect these cognitive aspects as they analyze information, debate among themselves, and determine the possible outcomes. Rosati’s outline of the cognitive approach model assumes that the perceptions made by policymakers diverge from reality in a way that we can detect, which I will attempt to do in this…

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  • Theories Of Self-Esteem

    Freud and the unconscious has always played a significant role in psychology as people know it today, and Greenwald is evidence that the unconscious prevailed. The Banse and Greenwald, (2007) study presumes that one motivation to inquire about the hypothesis that individuals are involved in unconscious reasoning is that…

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  • Marian Wagschal And Lucian Freud

    very different approach from idealized depictions found in traditional portraits. The Greek or Renaissance ideas of beauty and perfection are not an interest in her works; instead she uses the human figures to explore the complexities of human psychology. For Wagschal and Freud, the human figure is never idealized or romanticized. Freud uses a muted palette emphasizing the simplicity of the human figure. The focus in his works is on the optical aspects of the human figure, as oppose to the…

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  • Positive Psychology: A Case Study

    Defined as "the science of positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions" (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000, p. 5), positive psychology 's focus is on human thriving and flourishing versus ameliorating pathologies. Positive psychology places a strong emphasis on the significance of goals in human functioning. Not all goals are created equal, however. Research shows that goal orientation—how an individual thinks about and communicates…

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  • The New Christian Counseling: Book Review

    Christian counselor is a partnership between God, the client, and the counselor. The Holy Spirit is an authoritative person that abides in individuals and takes dwelling in the body of the believer. The book The New Christian Counselor 2015 offers an outline to the meaning and shaping of the human soul. The book also emphasizes…

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  • On Being A Therapist Book Summary

    On Being a Therapist by Jeffrey Kottler is an educational piece of literature that also happens to be very informative and interesting. In the book, he discusses numerous aspects of being a therapist, ranging from how one decides to engage in this work, how therapists can change clients, how clients can change therapists, to the difficulties and struggles therapists frequently face. As someone who hopes to become a therapist someday, this book was a really incredible way of learning about the…

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  • Jungian Approach

    functioning, symbolic interpretations and indirect methods of psychological assessment. Jung believed in uncovering the complexities of the psyche through analogies, links to the spiritual world, culture, mythology and religion. In this form of psychology, the analyst’s role is to facilitate the process of individuation…

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  • Zimbardo Evaluation

    Describe and evaluate one classical study. Outline how your chosen study has impacted the psychological field. In 1971, Zimbardo was interested in discovering the extent to which the external features of an institutional setting could override the internal dispositions of the actors in that environment (Zimbardo, 2007). He hypothesised that intrinsic traits within one’s personality are responsible for cruel and offensive behaviour displayed in prison environments. Zimbardo conducted a study…

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  • Departmental Diversity: Poem Analysis

    I have a poem entitled “we can be there for each other.” In sequential order it outlines what I have believe to be the work necessary to work in solidarity with people different than us. One line reads “identify with privileges in the same passion as your oppressions. hold onto them for the learning and opportunities they have for you to create change.” That is how I plan to work to increase campus and departmental diversity at University of California, San Diego. I will continue to model…

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  • 'A Psychological Analysis Of The Movie Inside Out'

    Riley, showing the mental processes and behavior throughout various challenges. As the movie enfolds, viewers are exposed to the impact of memories, emotions, dreams, fears, and many other cognitive topics. Not only does the movie give insight into psychology, but it also uses humor and emotional appeal to give the audience an enjoyable experience. Throughout the movie, problems arise and are handled with numerous emotions. However, when the emotion “Joy” becomes lost, the other emotions are…

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