Cognitive Science Of Religion Essay

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The age of the brain and mind has ushered in a host of new disciplines, set to unveil some of the mysterious processes of the brain. Cognitive science, in particular, is an interdisciplinary area of study - combining psychology, anthropology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy – that focuses on the mind. A subdivision of cognitive science, called the cognitive science of religion, explores the connection between religious experience and the mind. As Christians, we must critically evaluate these areas of study, seeking truth and understanding. My response to Dr. Barret’s essay will focus on the practices, as well as, the Christian interpretation of cognitive science of religion.
Cognitive science of religion attempts
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Cognitive science of religion provides a venue for a dialogue between science and religion because its conclusions may present fresh interpretations of previously complex theological ideas. Dr. Barret gives two examples of how cognitive science of religion may impact Christian theology in the future. The first, revelation, describes cognitive science of religion’s interpretation of general revelation, God revealing Himself in nature. Dr. Barret theorizes moral codes and mythologies may be part of God’s general revelation. I think it is a common view among Christians that God created an innate moral code within us. How powerful would it be if cognitive science of religion found experimental evidence for such a theory? Instead of harming Christianity, discoveries like these would strengthen the core foundation of the Christian faith. What if cognitive science of religion was able to scientifically support the idea that all people have an inborn nature to be in relationship with God? The gravity of such a discovery would immediately impact the way I approach my faith. Such insight reminds me of Psalm 8, which depicts our insignificance compared to the vastness of creation, yet our profound significance in the eyes of God. This is the second research question posed by Dr. Barret. Hence, Christians should view cognitive science of religion as an opportunity to enhance their faith and grow deeper in their relationship with

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