The Effects Of Music And Emotional Effect On Student Psychology

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Music and Emotional Effects

Stephanie, and Simon Fegers. "Violent Lyrics = Aggressive Listeners? Effects Of Song Lyrics And Tempo On Cognition, Affect, And Self-Reported Arousal." Journal Of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, And Applications 28.1 (2016): 32-41. PsycARTICLES. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.
The source of this academic scholarly journal is the Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Method, and Applications. The source is important because the audience will know where this journal came from. The content of this journal analyzes the causes of effects that reflect to cognition and affect. The publication and authors’ timing is also important, because the audience will get information that reveals the authors are Stephanie Pieschl
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I will utilize this source as a guide to relate to my research on music and emotional effects. In addition, this source will become a building block for my research, because the source has effective resources that gives examples that utilize music as an effect.
Lee, Sharon. “The Effects of Music on Student Psychology.” Online Submission, 2011.
Throughout the article, Sharon Lee elaborates on how music affects the abilities for humans to function properly. The argument of this source is music may be helpful or harmful. Music can distract many functions for students. For example, it conflicts students to eat, sleep, and walking. Many students use music to motivate them to focus. But, the tempo and loudness plays an important effect on students. Sharon Lee argues music affects students’ mind.
This article gives brief examples of the effects ' music has on students. I truly believe I will take the strength examples given and research more information on this topic to have a better viewpoint. The weakness of this source did not provide enough information about the functions that music affects.

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