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  • The Adolescent Brain Study

    Study of the Adolescent Brain Enjoying the PBS Dateline episode in which they explore recent studies of the adolescent brain came simply for me, primarily because I love anything to do with psychology, and partially because I saw a lot of similarities to my own family. Additionally, the episode was well organized and researched, and included many interviews that gave it a humanistic quality, keeping me engaged. The interviews take place in the year 2002, in East Providence Rhode Island and I…

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  • Test Anxiety Analysis

    The first article (scholarly article) talked about test anxiety in young children summarizes how students in elementary grade levels have vastly different levels of anxiety between high-stake tests versus regular classrooms tests. The levels of test anxiety among children was measured using two different kinds of tests, the CTAS (Children’s Test Anxiety Scale) and the BASC-2-TA (Behavior Assessment Scale for Children, Second Edition). The CTAS measured the students physiological reactions to…

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  • Alzheimer's Influences

    Similar to any other disease, Alzheimer’s has aspects that are unique to the individual. While there are common symptoms that everyone will experience there are certain ones that are unique to certain individuals. There are many aspects in a dementia patient’s life that is affected. They are affected psychologically, emotionally, culturally, spiritually, and socially. While working with the family of a person who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the individual you need to be aware of what…

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  • False Memory Formation

    The world of psychology has been interested in the fallacies of the human mind for decades now. These distortions of the mind can have both major and minor impacts on an individual’s life and those around them. False memory has become a well-researched area in psychology where a large amount of information has been discovered, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding why and how false memories occur in the human population. There are a number of factors that influence the…

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  • Emotional Disorders In Education

    Emotional disorders have become an important topic in education with the development of ideas to help better support students both socially and academically. Students exhibiting emotional disorders have a wide range of behavioral traits and personal characteristics. Although these students are unique, they exhibit similar emotional characteristics that place them under the “umbrella of emotional disturbance”. Students with emotional disturbance can be described as socially withdrawn. They may…

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  • Objective Observation In The Classroom

    J.H informal objective observation took place on Wednesday October 5, 2016 at 12:10pm. The observation ended at 12:40 pm for duration of 30 minutes. J.H is a five-year-old male in an ICT classroom. The class has 16 students and two teachers. The classroom tone was quiet and calm. The lights were turned off, windows were open and sunlight shined throughout the classroom. At the time of the observation, the special education teacher, Ms. H, was leaving because she was in the process of recovering…

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  • Functionalist Theory Of Poverty

    Mental health has often been affected by socioeconomic status. Those that are living in poverty are more susceptible to developing a mental disorder, and this does not exclude children. In fact, children are most impacted by poverty than adults due to the fact that they are still developing and are sensitive to a changing environment. It is important to provide extra support outside of the home to children who may be at a higher risk of having a mental illness. School environment has a major…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Success In College

    College was different than what I originally expected. I was scared I was not cut out for it or that I would fail my classes, even though, I did well in high school. Even my friends that were older than me who already started college, made it seem like it was going to be horrible. But thankfully, that was not my experience. Looking back at the semester, I have had a few successes. First, I did well in all of my classes, which to me is a big success. I thought my classes would be extremely…

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  • Oxytocin And Social Behavior

    A huge amount of interest has been placed in studying oxytocin, not only on for its implication in female reproduction, but also for modulation of several aspects of social behavior. This review will first focus on mammalian organisms. In most of the experiments discussed below, microdialysis was used to measure the level of OT and AVP because of its ability to directly monitor both neuropeptides when released in the brain (Landgraf & Newmann, 2004). a) Social bonding A study on the behavioral…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Surviving Death

    Surviving Death Death is not really something that most people like to talk about. Which is understandable, why would we, as the human species, talk about our own mortality. Most of us like to experience life in the now rather then think about the future and what will happen when our time runs out. Though as much as we do not like to talk about death at the same time we are fascinated with it. Humans really do seem fascinated with death at times. Along with this fascination there is also a…

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