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  • The Positive Consequences Of Hydroponic Food Production

    All the plants receive the same amount of water and nutrients. The nutrients solutions are Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Chlorine. They are essential to a plant 's growth and development. (Winterborn). This formula was created by Hoagland and Arnon 's (1950). See table 1.1. Macro elements Secondary Elements Micro Elements N-nitrogen Ca-calcium…

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  • The Aurora Borealis

    pick up still more energy like a roller coaster shooting down the other side of a tall hill. The currents of fast-moving charged particles continue to go through a course along the magnetic field into the polar regions and in which they collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the atmosphere. These collisions produce deep red glows as high up as one thousand kilometers above the…

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  • How Humans Affect The Rest Of The Atmosphere

    (ammonia). The Carbon dioxide fed the plants. These plants then produced oxygen which is a process which continues today. The same applies to NH3 (ammonia) which fungi’s take in then producing one of the main gases which makes up our atmosphere today N (Nitrogen). The atmosphere today made up of the main gasses N2 (78%) O2 (21%) Co2 (0.04%) and the rest the less important gasses such as Argon which make up 1% of the rest of the atmosphere. There are many different ways in which humans effect…

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  • Bet The Farm Essay

    The 2016 BEST Robotics competition, Bet the Farm, is all about implementing new ways to produce crops. Thanks to modern technology, there is more than one way to grow vegetables. After receiving the challenge from BEST Robotics that included the lettuce and tomato hydroponic stand, one question plagued many of the team members ' minds. What is hydroponics? It is the technique of growing vegetation without soil. This process is rich in history and science, and is important to the Kansas…

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  • Advantages And Benefits Of Vermicomposting

    are useful in promoting growth. Fertilizers exist naturally in the form of organic amendments, which deliver such essential nutrients as Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium, and a few other macro/micro nutrients like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Nutrients also exist as a raw element, as in chemical fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizer delivers the nitrogen, but not all of it is absorbed, leading to runoff, which can cause contamination of drinking water, and algal blooms. Furthermore, chemical…

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  • The Ethical Dilemmas Of The BP Oil Spill

    It was found that the cores were too weak due to an engineering flaw when curing the concrete. Engineers in an effort to save time on the project moved to accelerate the curing process. In order to accelerate the process nitrogen gas was added to the concrete mixture. The nitrogen gas expedited the curing process however there was a cost the came with the accelerated curing. The cores produced using the accelerated process were found to be too weak to withstand certain pressure surges caused by…

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  • How Does Chlorophyll Affect Plant Growth

    Introduction: Once a plant begins growth, it depends on multiple abiotic factors to continue growing: light, carbon dioxide and water. These three factors affect the growth rate of a plant, causing it to grow quicker or slower. Furthermore, altering these factors may stunt plants growth or improve it. For example, plants require an adequate amount of water to survive. Water hydrates the plant and also breaks down the minerals in the soil. As the plant absorbs the water, nutrients are transported…

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  • Thiosemicarbazone: Sulphur And Nitrogen

    1. INTRODUCTION Thiosemicarbazone is a derivative of imine which is formed when an aldehyde/ketone reacts with a thiosemicarbzide through a condensation reaction. The presence of the hetero atoms like Sulphur and Nitrogen makes these derivatives biologically active. Lately, great emphasis is laid on the synthesis and development of these derivatives reason being the wide variety of pharmacological activities exhibited by them. So far, thiosemicarbazones have been shown to exhibit analgesic and…

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  • Synthesis Of Ammonia Reaction

    combining to create a single product. The two reacants in the synthesis of ammonia reaction are two elements that everyone should be aqcuainted with -- elemental hydrogen (H2) and elemental nitrogen (N2). The resulting product in this reaction is the covalent compound, ammonia (NH3). Elemental hydrogen and elemental nitrogen is something one should be familiar. Of course, elemental hydrogen is in the water humans drink everyday. However, hydrogen is quite rare elsewhere on Earth because it is…

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  • Fertilizer: Necessary To Grow Enough Food For The World

    be produced. The amount needed is more than what can be produced naturally so fertilizers are pumped into the soil to produce enough crops. National Geographic says almost half of the nitrogen found in our bodies’ muscle and organ tissue started out in a fertilizer factory. Also that the effects of too much nitrogen are present all around the world. Some major changes are in China. Dan Charles talked to a long time resident of China who claimed that when he was a boy he could see clearly through…

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