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  • Cycles Of Life Research Paper

    The Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen Description Nitrogen is a key element to the survival of organisms. Nitrogen makes up 78% of Earth’s atmosphere and is found in proteins and DNA. Humans release nitrogen into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels, contributing to acid rain and the greenhouse effect. Nitrogen Cycle Steps (part 1) * Most nitrogen is stored in organic matter. When this organic matter dies and decomposes, the nitrogen becomes…

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  • Carbon Cycle Research Paper

    proteins by aerobic micro organisms and higher plants is called Nitrate assimilation. Denitrification The process of conversion of nitrate and nitrite into ammonia, nitrogen gas and nitrous oxide (N2O) is called denitrification. This process ends in the release of gaseous nitrogen into the atmosphere and thus completes the nitrogen cycle. A number of bacteria such as Pseudomonas denitrificans, Bacillus subtilis and Thiobacillus dentrificans are involved in this…

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  • Ada Hayden Lake Essay

    Nitrogen and phosphorus are the major limiting nutrient elements in a variety of aquatic ecosystems and are altered by anthropogenic activities; such as row crops, feed lots, and humans (Elser et al. 2007). Larger inputs of nitrogen cause an abundance of phytoplankton and macrophyte production (Ferree and Shannon 2001).The purpose of this study was to examine nitrogen and phosphorus levels at Ada Hayden Lake in the comparative context of their effect on phytoplankton abundance as well as…

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  • Phosphorus Cycle

    in the face of exponential population growth. In class we studied five ecosystems that were vital to resource sustainability and the continuance of life on planet earth. These five cycles we studied were: the water cycles, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the phosphorus/ rock cycles, and the sulfur cycle. First I will describe how the water (hydrologic) cycle contributed to resource sustainability and to continue…

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  • Microbial Symbiosis Research Paper

    Symbiosis is a crucial part of our existence and a reason for the beginning of life on this planet we call home. According to history of our planet, Earth was formed from absolute nothingness to tiny molecules of thick water vapor and many compounds of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and more. From these molecules, the disorder and order of the molecule reacted with each other, creating and forming the first cell. Millions of years later, these cells created atmospheric oxygen. During the…

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  • Ammonia Research Paper

    Ammonia is a compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, having the formula NH3. The ammonia molecule is formed by sp3 orbitals as it has a tetrahedral geometry and a trigonal pyramidal shape. Ammonia has an experimentally determined bond angle of 106.7°, and an a bond length of 101.7 pm. The nitrogen atom in the molecule has a lone electron pair, which gives the molecule a dipole moment and polarity. Ammonia’s lone electron pair makes NH3 a base, a proton acceptor, and gives it the ability to…

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  • Effects Of Rhizobia And Fertilizer On Plants

    which is measured by the plants yield. One of the major limiting factors of plant growth is nitrogen (Franche, et al., 2009). To convert nitrogen into a suitable form for plants to use, molecular nitrogen is reduced to ammonia by a biological process known as nitrogen fixation (Franche, et al.,…

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  • Causes: Impacts Of The Water Bottle Cycle On Biodiversity

    The illustration above is a good summary for the people who have knowledge about Chemistry, Biology, and Geology. However, it is challenging to understand for people who do not have knowledge in the fields mentioned above. It is so important to give an interpretation so that those people can understand this report. Photosynthesis: This is the process by which plants create their own nutrient by using sunlight. Sunlight acts as the convertor to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into organic…

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  • Acid Rain Effects

    They damage plants, animals and the whole environment (see Figures 3, 4, and 5). It has many more effects which is crucial. First, it can cause health problems because nitrogen and sulfur oxides in acid rain leads to respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis which makes it hard to breathe. Additionally, nitrogen oxides can produce ozone in ground which can cause permanent lung damage. Acid rain also damage forests by dissolving nutrients in the soil that trees need. It releases…

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  • Importance Of Macro And Micronutrient In Fruit Leaves

    parameter Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are most indispensable of all mineral nutrients for growth…

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