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  • The Brexit Analysis

    Many news stories tend to focus on one aspect of the Brexit whether it is the economic downturn, the side effect of the citizens, or the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. With that being said, the information given in the news articles can be perceived in different ways based on the facts, perspective and bias of the organization. “Language is never neutral. Communication is never neutral. Information is always framed” (Morales, 2016). The Brexit was talked about in a calm manner across all sources. Some were more biased than others. For example, The O’Reilly Factor gave more of an opinionated reaction to the Brexit rather than The New York Times who gave factual information and direct quotes. As stated before, “Information is always framed.” All networks framed the information in the way they wanted to showcase it for their audience. Some, like The New York Times and Talking Points Memo, network’s desired effect was to inform the audience on the historical event. Others like PBS Newshour were to bring light the horrific side effects that the citizens of the U.K. would endure. While some like The O’Reilly Factor wanted to shine the harsh light of the reality of the world. Many of the news sources cited one another or used old clips from other news stations as the source for their information. The concept of sharing information is extremely used in the world of…

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  • News Anchor Brian Williams Analysis

    ” We all receive news through various sources, you can open twitter to check the trending topics or receive push notifications from different media outlets. The most common way we trust receiving our news is to turn on the TV to a news anchor. However, there’s a need to question the integrity of a certain news reporter Brian Williams, an anchor for the NBC news. Williams came under fire for embellishing his role in a helicopter incident in Iraq, leading to his suspension. Furthermore, the…

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  • Importance Of Emmy Awards

    Spanish Language Television is produced in the states to and reaches almost all US households. Two popular ones are Telemundo and Univision. Directly from our textbook, Univision for their 2013-2014 season about 3 million viewers in prime time each day compared to 1.9 for the CW or 10.6 million for CBS, the top-rated network). Hence the word “prime time”. This means that Spanish Language Television shows are still flourishing off of their in home audiences.This kind of television is reaching a…

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  • Why Do Kids Play Competitive Sports?

    chance to fix his/her mistake. (NBC News, 9).Stated in the article by Jeff Pearlman, it says “He made it painfully clear to the others that my brother was the weakest of weak links, that he was useless as a soccer player.” When you play a team sport it usually says that every player is required to play during the game. When a kid that is not good at the sport is thrown into the game with other kids that are better at the sport, and they don’t pass the ball to him/her at all then that could put…

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  • The Mindy Project Analysis

    Originally titled, It’s Messy, The Mindy Project is an original program created by and starring Mindy Kaling, commissioned by NBC due to her success as a writer, actor, and executive producer on their hit show The Office, which was reaching the end of its run. The network ultimately passed on the pilot due to the female-lead heavy programming schedule of that particular season, which included, Whitney, The New Normal, Save Me, and Parks & Recreation (Hibberd). Once released the program was…

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  • Prime Time Essay

    audiences, it is a big business basically and there is a lot to gain from the success of a TV show. The networks and their staff are going to develop a series that will capture a mass audience so that will in turn lead to advertisers wanting to run commercials on their networks. To these programmers the aesthetics of the show do not really matter. Also Bielby and Bielby seem to show using data from networks that three of the four major networks run the same methods when introducing TV pilots.…

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  • Conflict Perspective

    The news of police officers murdering unarmed black children is a social issue that can be explained using conflict perspective. While the killing of police officers by citizens is a problem that the interactionist perspective can provide better insight on. Both social issues could be examined by either perspective but a stronger understanding of the issues will be achieved by looking through the lenses of the two. Conflict perspective views society as “characterized by tension and struggle…

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  • Snap Chat: A Brief Summary

    Late October 2016, a tragic accident causing multiple deaths and injuries made local and national news. When reported by NBC nightly news hosted by Lester Halt, the story seem to make headlines because of the popular application and it’s filter “Snap chat”, and when it was reported by Tampa Bay Times it seemed to make headlines because of the multiple fatalities that happened amongst a community. Television and newspaper have emerged as two types of popular mass media. How can the same story…

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  • Digital Ventriloquism

    For instance, in the video “Brian Williams Raps ‘Rapper's Delight’”, the editor cuts individual words or phrases that Brian Williams speaks during different episodes of the NBC Nightly News and recombines them in the order of the lyric of The Sugar Hill Gang's classic "Rapper's Delight". The video also uses the original image of Brian Williams to create the consistency of the “puppet’s” identity. Nonetheless, there is a clear sense of editing in this video because the frequent change of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Walking Up The Trail

    friends from school and I were enrolled in a video production class. It was nearly the end of the year, and we were all wondering what sort of large-scale final project we would be assigned. One morning, the teacher had us screen a tape of a local station's daily news program. We then discussed it, critiqued it and examined different cinematic techniques the production crew had used. Then the teacher cleared his throat and told us our last assignment: we would write, direct, star in and produce…

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