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  • Literary Theory Of Joe Paterno As A Tragic Hero

    is a character whether in film or book who makes a judgment error that leads to the character’s own destruction. For this question I will be looking at Joe Paterno and why I consider him to be an excellent example of a tragic hero. I will break down his story as a tragic hero in parts as illustrated in the class notes. Tragic Hero Part 1: The first part of the tragic hero theory is that the character is of noble stature and has greatness. This noble stature/greatness is clearly evident for Joe Paterno. He is considered one of the best college football coaches in history being the most victorious…

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  • College Football Game Analysis

    The kickoff to the college football season is exactly one week away and collegiate programs across the country are all trying to get to Glendale, AZ, site of the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship. There’s a slew of intriguing matchups slated for Week 1 of the college football regular season, including TCU’s visit to Minnesota for a game with the Gophers, Arizona State’s trip to Texas for a matchup with A&M’s Aggies, Texas versus Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Alabama’s meeting at…

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  • College Athletes Compensation

    Should College Athletes Be Compensated? (Social & Scientific) For over 100 years, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been known for their excellent and intense college sports programs. Now, in 2014, the NCAA earns themselves revenue of approximately $912.8 million dollars. A deal with CBS regarding television rights accounts for well over half of the money, about 81% of it. With the money, the NCAA pays for scholarships, educational opportunities, and distributes the money…

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  • Essay On The NCAA Amateurism System

    One of the largest on going issues dealing with the injustice that is the current NCAA rule system is the limited spreading of wealth/profit within the institutions. This can be seen in the tremendous profits schools make yearly due to their athletic programs. Where the problem/injustice comes into play here is in how the colleges/institutions are able to get away with not spreading their wealth/profits to those have earned compensation. I believe this is a direct result to the rule system in…

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  • Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

    question. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to focus on division one basketball players. It’s really an opinionated topic. A lot of people think that they should be paid and a lot of people believe that they should not be paid. The NCAA has plenty of money to pay division one basketball players and these players have plenty of reasons why they should be getting paid. They train harder than any average person will understand. They put in sweat and sacrifice for the colleges they…

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  • Mental Toughness Research Paper

    If you're a regular reader, you know that every month I include the admonition to "get real, get tough, and get going." For me, it's a way of summarizing the attributes that I believe are required for mental toughness. A brief explanation of each: • Get real This is about rigorous, relentless honesty and objectivity. It's about confronting things as they are, not as we'd like them to be. • Get tough This step deals with developing the thick skin and character required to be tough-minded as a…

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  • Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

    There is a lot of controversy revolving around if college athletes should be paid for playing. I 'm here to tell you that I believe they should be paid for their services. There are many reasons why this should be in effect real soon and I 'm going to explain why. First off, I think the biggest reason of why they should get paid is that these colleges make large revenue off of these athletes’ talents these colleges are making millions of dollars a year in revenue and refuse to pay these…

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  • Summary: College Athletes Should Get Paid

    The NCAA rakes in on average $12 billion in revenues annually that flow in through college athletics programs(Finley, 2015). The latest and biggest debate is "Whether or not college athletes should get paid?". When college athletes go to college they are not allowed to earn any money while they are participating in athletics, but is that fair? Generally they are putting in full time work hours(40/week) or sometimes even more. As more and more college athletes are struggling to get by through and…

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  • Guantanamo Bay Reflection Essay

    After reading the comments of my peers from project two. I can confidently say that the majority of the class liked my piece about Guantanamo Bay. I am extremely grateful for the ones that liked it gave me positive feedback. I am also grateful to the people that critiqued my work. This will allow me to go back and make the changes I need to make my piece that much stronger. The critique that came out the most was the critique of me not having a clear-cut audience. I am aware of that mistake and…

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  • Should College Basketball Players Be Paid Essay

    A former UCLA basketball player, Ed O’Bannon, filed a class-action lawsuit against the NCAA, which stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association, for his likeness being used in a video game without his consent or reimbursement. According to the NCAA amateurism rules college basketball players are not allowed to paid, and thus makes them an amateur. The rules state that players may not accept benefits or payments of any type. College basketball players should be paid in some way due to the…

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