Guantanamo Bay Reflection Essay

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After reading the comments of my peers from project two. I can confidently say that the majority of the class liked my piece about Guantanamo Bay. I am extremely grateful for the ones that liked it gave me positive feedback. I am also grateful to the people that critiqued my work. This will allow me to go back and make the changes I need to make my piece that much stronger. The critique that came out the most was the critique of me not having a clear-cut audience. I am aware of that mistake and I will be going back and fixing the problem in these coming days. Although I enjoyed reading the project three rough drafts. We as a classroom still have a lot of work to do before the final portfolio. Some more than others, but in general we all need to work on our projects three to make our final portfolio sensational.
Going through all my classmate’s papers and reading them, I had a few that stuck out. Why College Athletes Should Be Paid, Obesity, and Safe Sex. Why these papers stuck out to me so much was because of the information that was provided throughout the essay. When reading, them I wanted to read more. I wanted to learn more information about all these topics I was kind of ignorant on. While on the topic of these essays, they also need to be worked on to fix mistakes throughout their essay.
Why College Athletes Should Be
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I’m not afraid to say it but I am sexually active. Safe sex is a big role in my life, because I wouldn’t want catch something that will shorten my life or just make a life more difficult. In Safe Sex the author back up my claims with great information. The resources the author used was an interview from a girl that got pregnant at the age of 15. The author doing this gives more of a connection to the audience they picked. I also liked how author went about giving their call to action. The call to action I thought will work was spending more time in schools teaching about safe

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