The Second Sino-Japanese War: Hitler's Attacks To World War II

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World War II was the war that was never expected; it was never supposed to happen nor was America supposed to join in. In the middle of our Great Depression Hitler began to gain popularity, similar to the way FDR gained his popularity; through promised hope and dreams of a better country. Hitler was making several promises to his people during his gain of power, so people were prone to accept his ideas, even if radical, because of his amazing promises of a great Germany. While all of the Hitler commotion was taking everyone’s attention, Japan was busy invading China. Japan started with an invasion in Manchuria on September 13, 1931 (Doc Background). The Second Sino-Japanese war began July 7, 1937, two years before the official beginning of World War II when Germany invades Poland (Doc background). The United States was trading and communicating with Japan at the time, but when the U.S …show more content…
These camps were specifically built to house / hold anyone (citizen or not) that was of Japanese descent. After Pearl Harbor, the entirety of the United States was in shock; everyone was paranoid about Japanese people attacking again, (similar to how the U.S was paranoid about any Muslim person after 9-11). So, as a response to this paranoia enveloping the country, the government decided it would be best if all Japanese-Americans were separated into camps, claiming it was for the security of the nation (Doc 2). The government saw all Japanese people as threats; they saw Japanese-Americans as possible spies for their “mother-country” (Doc 1). It is easy to see why they may have thought this with the previous bombing by the Japanese still prevalent, but the Japanese-American people had a right to defend themselves, they had the right to a trial, at the least, if not, they definitely had a right to all of their possessions, not just a few

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