News Anchor Brian Williams Analysis

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“Going live in 3, 2, 1! We’re on air!” We all receive news through various sources, you can open twitter to check the trending topics or receive push notifications from different media outlets. The most common way we trust receiving our news is to turn on the TV to a news anchor. However, there’s a need to question the integrity of a certain news reporter Brian Williams, an anchor for the NBC news. Williams came under fire for embellishing his role in a helicopter incident in Iraq, leading to his suspension. Furthermore, the suspension that NBC News handed to Mr. Williams was justifiable. This is because it damaged his credibility and America's perception of the news. First, the suspension of Brian Williams was just because of his credibility. Williams’ falsified news story damages his character as a news anchor. In the article “NBC News anchor Brian Williams suspended for six months” written by Stephen …show more content…
Williams’ effectively put NBC News under fire for his falsified news story. In Battaligo’s article, it states “His problems with the truth had damaged his reputation and the brand of NBC News.” Many individuals thought of NBC as a reliable news source. After this event, America now questions the integrity of this media outlet. Thus, getting information isn’t easy and putting your trust in the right news source is important when it comes to elaborating information. The dishonesty of Brian Williams doesn’t only reflect on his personal character, but the morality of NBC News. NBC can expect a significant drop in ratings if they did not take disciplinary action against Brain Williams. Therefore, Williams deserves the suspension because his actions greatly affect NBC News in terms of staying on the air. A drop in ratings can put this company out of business and turn dedicated viewers away to other news

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