The Pros And Cons Of President Hillary Clinton

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After her time as the first lady, Hillary Clinton secured a seat in the senate, and then served as the secretary of state in the white house under Obama. (4) She was also a lawyer who worked on the Watergate scandal. (5) On the 12th of April 2015, she officially announced her candidacy for president.(1) In her campaign video she said, “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.” (18) Clinton is the top choice for the Democratic Party to keep the white house. She appeals to every demographic, especially the African-Americans of the nation, while other Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders who comes from a 95% white state, don’t appeal as much. (2) “The biggest question is whether Clinton 's unimpeded path to the nomination …show more content…
media.” (9)), “is calling on New York Times to investigate itself. In a letter published to the Media Matters site, Brock rips the newspaper for four stories that, in his view, have thrust an inaccurately negative portrayal of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.” (10) A spokesperson for the New York Times issued a statement saying, “David Brock is a partisan. It is not surprising that he is unhappy with some of our aggressive coverage of important political figures. We are proud of that coverage and obviously disagree with his opinion.” (10)
Clinton is doing well as far as endorsements go.” Clinton’s endorsement tally already stands at triple digits—nearly half of all sitting Democrats. But lawmakers say they 've heard little outreach from Bernie sanders and Martin O’Malley, Clinton 's underdog rivals to lead Democrats ' 2016 ticket.” (13)
Clinton also secured and early backing from a major teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers. The teachers union also backed Clinton in her first presidential run in 2008. Clinton has other ties to the teachers union besides the endorsement they gave her in 2008.

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