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  • Discuss What A Neuron Is And The Functions Of The Brain Essay

    1. Discuss what a neuron is and the functions of its basic parts (dendrites, soma, axon, myelin sheath). A neuron is a nerve cell. There are about 10,000 specific types of neurons, but there are three most common neurons: sensory, motor, and interneurons. A sensory neuron sends signals to help your brain understand what is going on around you in your environment. Sensory neurons are what make up your senses, (smell, touch, see, taste, and hear.)…

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  • Motor, Sensory, And Interneurons And Three Types Of The Brain

    1. There are 3 types of neurons. Motor, sensory, and Interneurons. The main parts of the neuron are dendrites, the soma, the axon, the axon terminal, the synapse, and the myelin sheath. The dendrites are branch like bushy extensions that receive the information and conduct impulses towards the cell body. The soma, or cell body, makes sense of the information and works It out. It also triggers the action potential and all or nothing response. The axon is a neuron’s extension that sends messages…

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  • Central Nervous System (CNS)

    1. Distinguish between afferent and efferent nerves. Afferent nerves are the sensory nerves. They carry information from the world to the brain and spinal cord. Efferent nerves are the motor nerves they carry information out of the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body. Afferent nerves take in information and efferent nerves carry out information. 2. Study Figure 2.1. What makes up the Central Nervous System (CNS)? The central nervous system is made up of the brain and…

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  • Building New Pathways Of The Brain

    Building New Pathways In The Brain It was once commonly accepted that a person’s brain ceased to change after reaching adulthood. Science believed that each part of the brain had its own specific function, and if a certain part was completely damaged, nothing could be done about it. This led to a belief that treatment for many brain conditions was impractical and unjustified, or that even changing our character was unfeasible. But new discoveries in neuroscience have shown that the brain is…

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  • Lorenzo's Oil And The Other Sisters Character Analysis

    Special needs is a term that is used in clinical diagnosis. It describes individuals who require assistance whether it is medical, mental, or even psychological. Children with special needs are a wonderful part of our world today. Under this umbrella, there are many different types of diseases that come along with the term. The severity of a child’s diagnosis varies. A child with special needs brings a whole new life to those who they are around. After watching the two movies, Lorenzo’s Oil and…

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  • Evolutionary Approach To Psychology

    the cell body. Dendrites are found in most nerve cells which allows the input from neurons. The next part of the cell structure that I learned about in psychology was axons. Axons carry information away from the cell body. The last structure is the myelin sheath. This is the layer of fat cells which insulate the axons. The purpose is to speed up the transmissions of nerve impulses. All of these parts work together in order to transmit information. The route a message takes to do this is through…

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  • Personal Narrative: Living With Multiple Sclerosis

    My entire world was turned upside-down my junior year of high school. My father’s health deteriorated to the point where he was forced to make the difficult decision to be admitted into the Veterans’ Home after living with Multiple Sclerosis for thirty-five long years. The two of us didn’t always get along, but at this point I wanted nothing more than to do the impossible and rescue him from the place where I believed he didn’t fit. After all, a man his age should not have to live in a nursing…

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  • Stress In The Culinary Industry

    In 2015, a survey was completed to determine what the sources in human’s lives that make them the most stressed out. It was shown that money (67%) and work (65%) were the main sources why humans get stressed out (“2015 Stress in America”). It can be inferred then that when most people are afflicted, it is because they have too much work strain or they are not making an adequate amount of money at work. In reality, should these be considered as everyday struggles though, since everyone deals with…

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  • Critical Period Essay

    Introduction It seems to be the common rule that the younger we are when we try to learn something new, the better we are at acquiring the necessary skill. Our human performance is therefore a reflection of the neural circuitry that has been developed by early experiences. Yes, we are capable of learning new things when we are adults; however, it appears that those who have started younger, fare better. This is caused by the fact that we have certain critical or sensitive periods in our early…

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  • Muscles Lab Report

    Muscles (Grip strength) In this week’s lab, we was doing an experiment on forearm, and its muscle fiber with nerves. The forearm is a part that between the primates’ elbow and wrist. Forearms contain connective tissue, nerve tissue and muscle tissue. In which, connective tissue is just radius and ulnar bones. However, there are a great deal of muscles and nerves in the forearm. When a nerve impulse transmission to synaptosomes induced depolarization, allows calcium ions to enter the cell…

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