Essay On Dendrite

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Let’s talk a little about how similar a tree in our backyards is to a neuron in our brain. A human brain cell has close to 100 billion neurons. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what else is. The parts of a neuron are much like the parts of a tree in many ways. The word dendrite is a greek term meaning “tree-like.” The dendrite is much like the branches on a tree because just like branches on a tree receives nutrients through the tree to the leaves to help grow more leaves, a dendrite grows new dendrites for the neuron. Dendrites are multiple short fibers that extend from the neuron’s cell body and carries information from other neurons to the cell body. The cell body, also known as the soma, processes nutrients …show more content…
Smilkstein wrote a book regarding the Natural Human Learning Process, also known as the NHLP. In her book she names and describes the six stages of how humans learn. The first stage talks about what motivates a person to learn, whether it is necessity to learn, learning to do something because it seems fun, or because it may be expected of oneself. The second stage is the begging practice, this means how we gather information, observe others, trial and error, and/or practicing the activity we wish to learn. The third is what she calls the advanced practice stage. This is where one practices more and more and learns from the mistakes made. We gain more control of the skill we are learning and also increases our confidence in ourselves. Skillfulness is the fourth stage, this includes more practicing and learning to do it in our own way. We have a feeling of success in our achievement. The fifth stage is refinement. This is where we learn new methods as we continue to develop our skill. We gain some more independence. The last stage is what is called the mastery stage. This is where we continue to improve or we decide to drop the skill. We begin to take on greater challenges to become more advanced in our skill. These are the six stages in the learning process of humans according to Dr.

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