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  • Decision-Making Research Papers

    to rewards, and is extremely sensitive to, and easily manipulated by social situations. The prefrontal cortex is fully matured around the mid-twenties for a majority of people. The part of the cortex, which hasn’t fully matured is the layer of myelin. Myelin is a layer of fat that insulates the nerves in the brain, this fatty insulation allows electrical impulses to have a faster reaction time, which in turn speeds up…

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  • Natalizumab Case Study

    T cells also have effect on Natalizumab in patients with multiple sclerosis. Natalizumab is a monoclonal antibody that reduces the formation of acute lesions in the central nervous system. Bornsen et. al revealed the influence that natalizumab has on circulating CD4+ T cells in multiple sclerosis. The recurrence of multiple sclerosis happens when there are abnormalities in activated macrophages, CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in the central nervous system. Very-late antigen formed on surfaces of most…

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  • Muscle Fiber Research Paper

    Discussion over the Bodies Different Internal Bodily Functions In this paper I will be noting the inquiries that was doled out from this week task. I will talk about the relationship between conveyance of muscle fiber sort and action. I will also clarify how practice preparing alter or change a man 's fiber-sort conveyance. We additionally need to portray the systems by which muscle glycogen is separated to glucose for use in glycolysis. Depict how a nerve motivation is transmitted along its…

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  • Physical Changes In The Brain

    happens for the brain’s cells which are rarely used (cited in Raz2009, pp.106-109). Batzoxis agrees with Ras for pruning process which is going on of brain circuits. Because of myelin invaded gray matter, it disappears, but these areas that are heavily used become myelinated (Batzokis2008, pp.73-77). According to Cohen, myelin pathways can transmit a signal more than 13 times per second when compared with unmyelinated. Moreover, in the 30s, some parts of the brain which…

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  • Breastfeeding Research Paper

    Breastfeeding infants instead of using formula can improve brain development in many different areas. In the article Breastfeeding Boots the Brain Development of a Baby, the article states that breastfeeding can help develop white matter in the brain of infants. This growth in white matter also lead to better performance in areas like language, visual perception and motor control. White matter is a type of tissue in the brain and spinal cord made up of nerve fibers, some may even characterize…

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  • Stem Cells

    Oligodendrocyte cells wrap around the spinal cord and form the myelin. This insulates the spinal cord and helps the pules to flow quickly and efficiently down the axons. Spinal cord injuries affect both the myelin and the neurons. Spinal cord injuries are very serious as they are debilitating to the individual. As the nervous system is such an important system the impacts are physical…

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  • Adrenoleukodystrophy Research Paper

    Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a condition which affects the ability of adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and myelin, which insulates the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. This diminishes the ability of the brain to communicate effectively with the rest of the nerves. This condition was initially identified in the early 1900s and was originally called Schilder-Addison disease (2). The cause of this condition originates in the peroxisomes, which are tiny structures in the cell which assist…

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  • Essay On Synaptogenesis

    I. Key Points • Evidence from animal studies supports a causal relationship between intravenous and inhaled anesthetic exposure and brain development, triggering increased apoptosis, with negative neurocognitive and behavioral outcomes. • All these negative events take place during a high vulnerability period on brain development known as “brain spurt”. • Normally, 70% of neurons will undergo apoptosis during brain development. Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate receptor modulation…

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  • Teenage Brain By Daniel Siegel: A Content Analysis

    Student Name: Ho-Ling Helen Chan Student Number: 212855904 Introduction and Summary of Content Throughout Brainstorm: the Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, Daniel Siegel (2013) implied adolescents thrive due to their highly flexible and adaptable brain. Siegel (2013) worked as clinical psychiatry professor after graduating from medical school; his children furthered his enthusiasm in determining the surge in dopamine (DP) and other hormones led to the intense neural rewiring within their…

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  • Multiple Sclerosis Risk Factors

    regulation of normal immune response. Vitamin D plays an immunoregulatory role through upregulation of T-cell activity and anti-inflammatory molecules and downregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines during acute phases. Vitamin D also contributes to myelin repair mechanisms [1]. This evidence is supported by a higher prevalence of multiple sclerosis observed in people living in northern latitudes compared to those living closer to the equator. Also, a prospective cohort study within the…

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