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  • The Morality Of Animal Testing

    What is okay to do in the name of science and its advances? The debate on animal testing has always been around but more and more people are starting to disagree with it. So if so many people disagree with it, why is animal testing still happening? There are places like China where it is actually illegal not to test on animals before selling cosmetics to the public and other places like Europe where it is completely illegal to test on animals for cosmetics. So who’s right? There is the morality…

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  • Being A Pediatrician Essay

    healthy income. The starting pediatricians earn about $100K a year. After working for a long while, they earn up to $140K to $160K. Pediatricians that work in outpatient care centers receive about $170K, while a general pediatrician working at a medical or surgical hospital earns slightly less than that (Pediatrician: Physical Danger, Shmoop). A sizable income such as $100K to $170K a year is a nice bonus for getting to do something you are interested in and going through all the training that…

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  • Public Health Informatics Analysis

    the science of computer information systems. When speaking of informatics in relation to an academic field, it involves the practice of information processing and engineering of information systems. The science of informatics according to American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), 2015, “drives innovation that is defining future approaches to information and knowledge management in biomedical research, clinical, and public health (AMIA, 2015).” This work in informatics serves to create new…

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  • Goal Setting Is Important Essay

    Goal setting is an important part of the University experience and as students, most of us come in with dreams to become something or to create an impact on the world. In order to accomplish these dreams it is important to set small goals that ensure we take the necessary steps towards accomplishing our bigger dreams. Often times dreams are too big to accomplish on their own and having to tackle everything at once can be overwhelming. Therefore, writing things down in smaller steps can help…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue My Job

    offered a full time job at the children’s hospital on campus. I recultantly accepted, as I would be grave shifts as a patient care tech in the OR. It turned out it wass my dream job, plus this position gave me all the tools I would need to get into medical school, including tuition assistance, and allowed me to study during the down time. The surgeries that occurred during my shift were always emergency surgeries and while my job description was primarily to clean up the room once on operation…

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  • Albert Einstein Personal Statement

    motivator to me. She has overcome a number of obstacles and discouragement. I believe I have her kind of determination and patience. Challenging myself and my comfort zones I chose to go abroad for my studies. Attending high school in India and Medical School in one of the best Universities of China, I feel I am prepared to adapt to unfamiliar environment and effectively communicate among diverse groups .I have made some lifelong friends in these two neighboring countries. These relationships,…

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  • Simulation: Best Practice: A Case Study

    a change in clinical experiences, the shortening of education time, and working restrictions all created medical personnel with deficiencies in their learning. Universities struggle with ways to best prepare clinicians. The Institute of Medicine’s report of patient safety issues has come to the forefront of educators and healthcare providers. Because of this lack of critical thinking, medical staff fails to recognize the deterioration of a patient, which results in poor patient outcomes (Robert,…

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  • Pros Of Euthanasia

    “Euthanasia… is simply to be able to die with dignity at a moment when life is devoid of it.” (Mannes 74) Euthanasia is the voluntary or involuntary act of physician-assisted suicide to incurable terminally ill patients. The primary use of Euthanasia is to end one’s persistent suffering by injecting a lethal amount of substances into the patient. According to “A General History of Euthanasia” the origin of the word comes from the Greek meaning “Good Death” or “Gentle and Easy Death”. It is a…

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  • Julie-Anne Davies Arguments Against Euthanasia

    When it comes to the topic of Euthanasia most of us will readily agree that it can be a good thing for those who are terminally ill. Where the argument usually ends however is on the question of if a person would be euthanized because they were depressed or because they have a terminal illness. Whereas some are convinced that it is wrong to be euthanized in both situations. Others maintain that a terminally ill patient should be allowed to be euthanized. My own view in the topic is that if a…

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  • Diversity In Pediatrics

    Religious Objections to Medical Care The author says that understanding a person’s religion can help the pediatrician collaborate with the parents to make decisions that are beneficial to the child. Some religions choose not to have their child treated for severe illnesses like meningitis because their religious doctrines do not allow for it. Other religious beliefs that do not allow for preventative medicine like treatments for pregnancy. Failure to receive proper medical care can cause…

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