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  • The Celebrated Jumping Frog Summary

    The following writing represents a review and criticism of Twain's short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." This short story is one of Twain's earliest literary successes and most accomplished early sketches, this 2,600-word narrative was written following a three-month stay at Jackass Hill and Angel's Camp in California's Calaveras County in late 1864 and early 1865. The tale is told using the structure of a traditional Southwestern frame story, wherein a gentle, educated…

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  • Ymca Swimming Skills

    NURTURING SKILLS AND BUILDING CONFIDENCE IN THE WATER For more than 160 years, the YMCA has nurtured potential and united communities across America to create lasting, meaningful change. Everything the Y does is in service of building a better us. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to teach youth, teens, and adults to swim, so they can stay safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy. Y swim instructors are…

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  • Dribbling In Basketball Essay

    Millions of players watch basketball and tend to try and jump right into all the moves these NBA allstars do, yet it doesn’t work like that they all started with these simple issue and took the positive concepts from it and became the player they are. Key points will be discussed on how to fix and form an average player into an elite ball handler just like all the NBA players you watch on tv year-round. Ball handling skills are very important to the game of basketball, there are some critical…

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  • Creative Writing: The Berserk Family

    _ Female reader; 01 The berserk family that belonged to you consisted of five human beings, including you. In first place was your father, the noisy bald-headed man acted more like a moonstruck fitness coach for someone who was about to enter the olympics rather than an actual Dad. Even though your father acted like a coach with no chill, he still managed to treat your three other bothers- I mean, brothers, with more respect than you ever received. Thus you diligently worked hard ever…

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  • Tobacco Monopolies Case Study

    IV. Results and Discussion Tobacco monopolies were believed to have started during the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos wherein he first imposed import and tax incentives to a Philippine tobacco company, Fortune Tobacco which led to the creation of a policy monopoly (Harvard School of Public Health, 2013). Incentives were given due to President Marcos’ close ties with Mr. Lucio Tan, the founder of Fortune Tobacco. Due to the rise of anti-tobacco advocates all over the world, foreign tobacco…

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  • Heneral Luna Movie Analysis

    “Heneral Luna is a film that should be watched by every Filipino from all across the globe.” This was the only statement my mind was able to process and produce the first time I watched the renowned movie Heneral Luna. It was as if my whole tiny and parched patriotic-system was watered and revived. The movie Heneral Luna is a biopic film directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno productions having John Arcilla play the role of Antonio Luna. [1] It was a film narrating the story of…

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  • Eurycea Rathbuni Essay

    only known to reside within the dark water filled caves of Edward’s Aquifer in Hays County, Texas.5 Thus, this species was discovered by the San Marcos National Fishery, which is now known as Texas State University.5,6 In 1967, Eurycea Rathbuni was listed as an endangered species, and within ten years it was entered into a breeding program at the San Marcos Fish Hatchery.3,6 The Texas Blind Salamander is a Eukaryotic organism that belongs to the Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class:…

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  • The Zapatista Rebellion

    as a tool, or as Marcos has put it, “the word is our weapon” (Marcos, 2001). Getting their message out to the people was paramount to gaining support. Every time the movement stated something about the movement, or something related to the movement, or really anything that the EZLN took issue with, there was a response by the Zapatistas. All three of the main phases of the movement are reflected in the spoken and written discourse by the movement’s spokesperson, Subcommander Marcos. This chapter…

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  • Effects Of Colonialism On Filipino Society

    rigged in such a way that Marcos won once again. After several years, the United States intervened in his imprisonment and Benigno and his wife, Corazon Aquino, were exiled to the U.S. Years later, they returned to the Philippines, and Benigno was assassinated upon arrival at the airport. Corazon Aquino then took over his position as prominent figure of opposition to the Marcos regime, collaborating with other influential groups and figures to stage a direct opposition to Marcos. With tension…

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  • Marco Polo's Legacy

    Marco Polo Marco Polo left a legacy after his life, that of which includes the well-known water game, Marco Polo and the record of his inspiring voyages, The Travels of Marco Polo. His life started around 1254 in Venice, Italy where he was born. His mother died when he was still young and his father was a very successful jewelry merchant with Marco’s uncle, who often spent most of his time in Asia. On one of his father’s and uncle’s journeys to China, they took Marco along and they stayed there…

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