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  • John Of Rubruck Analysis

    John of Plano Carpini and William of Rubruck both made an extraordinary journey to China in the 13th century. However, they traveled with different purposes. William of Rubruck traveled from 1252-1255 in hopes of converting the people he encountered and teaching them the truth. William was dishonest about his intentions, he didn’t want to be seen as a diplomat being sent by King Lois, he wanted to be seen as an envoy of God. William traveled with letters from King Louis IX and documented his…

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  • Essay On The Song Dynasty

    China saw amazing and global impacting developments between 600 and 1600 CE. A big reason for this was because of the Song, the Mongols, and the Ming voyages. While China was under rule of these dynasties and “barbarians”, China was able to develop itself and also see changes in how it interacted with the rest of the world. China’s “Golden Age” began with the Tang Dynasty in in 618 CE and continued under the Song Dynasty from 960-1279 CE (1). During the Song dynasty, China experienced…

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  • The Crusades Essay

    Marco Polo was one of the motivated travelers. Marco Polo was an Italian explorer who journeyed across Asia and through the Mongol Empire. He traveled on the Silk Road and when he reached China, he entered the house of the Mongol ruler, Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan sent Marco Polo on trips to help manage his kingdom. The spirit of maritime enterprise and adventure, along with the interest in…

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  • Explorer Persuasive Essay

    When people like Polo understand the world better than others, then opportunities open. Again, there is a lesson to be learned here, and that is this: Opportunities reveal themselves to those who know. This may seem obvious at first, but people brush past the chance to grow and choose instant gratification over long term satisfaction. Marco Polo is not much different than the average American, other than the fact that he spends time…

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  • Examples Of Globalisation Before 1500

    To begin I feel it is important to define the term globalisation. It is described by Osterhammel and Petersson as “the development, concentration, and increasing importance of worldwide integration,” (Osterhammel & Petersson, 2003, p. 26). I take this definition to mean that globalisation is about how the world has come together as one and created interconnectedness between countries. Globalisation is a widely debated topic, especially by historians, so it is arguable whether we can speak of…

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  • Compare The Changing Literary And Visual Representations Of China By Westerners

    TOPIC 3: The changing literary and visual representations of China by Westerners in the history One of the oldest countries in the world, China, is also one of the four ancient civilization. For long stretches of history, China had their glory but also had a hard time, and the changed of China also changed impression on westerners by their literary or visual representations. In the 13th - 14th century, Genghis Khan established the Mongolia regime, built the Empire of Mongolia and began his…

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  • Captain James Cook: English Explorer

    simply to go on a trip to the Muslim city Mecca, or a Hajj, but ended up traveling approximately 75,000 miles of Islamic Asia over the course of 29 years. His exploration is recorded in a story called “Rihla” or “My Travels.” Amerigo Vespucci: Like Marco Polo, Vespucci was a merchant from Italy, but Vespucci actually knew what he was doing. He travelled in the late 15th century C.E. in the name of Spain, with the mission of exploring the “New World.” He explored the Caribbean and Central…

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  • What Are The Travels Of Ibn Battuta During The Post-Classical Period?

    travels of Ibn Battuta during the post classical period. These travels, illustrated throughout the article relate culturally, geographically and historically to the post classical period. The article begins by comparing Ibn Battuta to Marco Polo. Similar to Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta traveled throughout all through Europe as well as to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka also known as Ceylon, is located in India harbouring the Indian Ocean. According to Encyclopedia Britannica Sri Lanka was heavily influenced…

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  • Khubilai Khan Mongol Empire

    stated that “ he is represented as a Mongol in formal Chinese paintings; as a typical Muslim potentate, with the dress and physical features of a caliph, in Persian miniatures; and as a European king, with a Caucasian appearance, in manuscripts of Marco Polo’s account of his travels. Each civilization depicted Khubilai in its own light” (Rossabi, pg. xvii). Many historians have tried to discover who the real Khubilai Khan is, was he more Mongol or was he more Chinese? Although…

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  • Society In The 1500s Essay

    him travelled to China, which was recently defeated by the Mongols, when he was only seventeen. They stayed there for seventeen years and Marco had the opportunity to travel all across China (Strayer 315). He collected material during his journeys and later dictated to one of his friends for a book about all of his expeditions. In “The Travels of Marco Polo”, Polo writes, “The city is beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world” (Strayer 316). He was discussing the Chinese city of…

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