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  • Society In The 1500s Essay

    him travelled to China, which was recently defeated by the Mongols, when he was only seventeen. They stayed there for seventeen years and Marco had the opportunity to travel all across China (Strayer 315). He collected material during his journeys and later dictated to one of his friends for a book about all of his expeditions. In “The Travels of Marco Polo”, Polo writes, “The city is beyond dispute the finest and the noblest in the world” (Strayer 316). He was discussing the Chinese city of…

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  • How The Compass Changed The World

    a hold of the appliance later than everyone else. Eventually, the invention was taken directly from China to Europe. This was the because a voyager, named Marco Polo, traveled to China and brought loads of inventions back from China, including the compass. The compass did eventually make its way to the Middle East via the Silk Road. Marco Polo sparked the minds and helped travelers such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Fredinand Magellan, and even more become the legends they…

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  • Nanking Massacre Essay

    After the Marco Polo incident, the Japanese then spread out in China soon reaching Nanjing. To protect the Chinese citizens from being killed brutally, the International Safety Zones Community built a safety zone. Not long after it was built more than 200,000 people move into it. Thanks to the International Safety Zones Community’s effort, this left a legacy in the Chinese history in standing up to the Japanese. Before the Massacre started, the Japanese first have to settle in China. Japan…

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  • Rise Of Japan Before World War 2 Essay

    The Rise of Japan Before World War II Before and during World War II, Japan had a slogan that said, “to die for the Emperor is to live forever,” (“Voices of Many,” par. 4). This was one of many philosophies that pushed the Japanese people to go to war to fight for their country. With the mass of soldiers that Japan accumulated before World War II, it was able to conquer more land. This push made Japan a bigger political power, but it also made Japan a bigger target, eventually helping it to…

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  • Ap World History Dbq

    The Mongolian Empire between 1200-1400 C.E was growing and expanding rapidly across Eurasia. Their actions at the time were viewed as brutal and barbaric. As of late, this view is being debated, we see in documents 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 that they were extremely organized, were part of peaceful religions, and aided in the development and success of social structures, economy, and even new technologies and innovations in civilizations. However, in documents 2, 3, 4, and 5 we see evidence of…

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  • Mongol Influence On Eurasia

    nearly all significant trade in the known world, especially trade on the Silk Road, emphasizing the power they had in the world economy. Marco Polo also wrote that the powerful khan forced everyone under his control to use paper money in their unique economic system (Document 6). This also shows how the Mongols had control of the flow of currency in their empire. Polo, an Italian merchant concerned with money, spent quite some time (17 years) in China trading as well as observing the Chinese…

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  • How Did Jesus Christ Changed History

    When Marco and his family reached China he entered the land of a powerful Mongol leader, Khubilai Khan, who sent Marco on many trips across the land. After 17 years of being in China, Marco and his family stated the voyage home, when Marco arrived back in Europe, he shared the crazy stories he encountered; he was also the first person to introduce the Chinese culture into…

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  • How Did The Mongols Diminish Confucians

    Every single one of these projects required intensive labor, and most of that labor came from us, the peasants. This policy extracted great animosity from us, especially since many died as a result of these rigorous efforts to complete the projects. Since the projects were so costly, the Mongols resorted to deliberate inflation of currency to cover the costs. These financial problems lead to the undermining of the economy, which the Mongols could not maintain any longer. To add on to this…

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  • Indian Culture Dbq

    descriptions of Indian civilization by going to the schools (Nalanda University) to study. From reading this document, Buddhist practice is very important and in depth in India that they even have schools dedicated to practice Buddhism. Document 7.2 Marco Polo was impressed with the city’s wealth, size, and…

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  • Deep Dish Pizza History

    The remix is not an unfamiliar word to us; most people know it is a part of a larger process of adaptation. A remix involves many resources by adding, removing and changing the original parts like the modes, genres, and materials into something completely different or opposite. Remix is everywhere it could be movies, and music or even pizza. This food, which is pizza has gone beyond the language and culture barrier, acceptance by the national consumers. But this food actually comes from where…

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