Marco Polo's Influence On Medieval Europe

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Marco Polo is a famous and revolutionary Venetian explorer. Today's society learnt a lot from him and he was one of the most significant figures of Medieval Europe. Polo was the thread of string that ran from the East to the West, from Europe to Asia. He had an extremely positive and impactful influence on trade and the economy. Introducing many goods to both Europe and Asia, Marco's presence and achievements are prominently felt throughout time. His book inspired envy, curiosity and wonder during the Middle Ages. Another great explorer, Christopher Columbus was one of these people that was affected by Marco’s grand influence so much so that he went on a voyage of his own. All in all, Marco Polo was a significant figure in
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The Silk Road was a trade route that kickstarted trade between Asians and Europeans. Subsequent the establishment of the Silk Road came the arrival of tea, citrus fruits, spices and other pristine goods into Europe. As well as a trade path, The Silk Road was also the most effective travel route to and from China. The Silk Road completely bypasses the Gobi Desert, one of China’s most distressing natural borders. Along the Silk Road was where probably most Europeans were introduced to a new form of currency- paper currency. At this time, they still manned around big coin purses to haul their coin and profit. It is remarkable that all these discoveries and new-found goods were a product of the finding by Marco …show more content…
In modern times such as these Polo’s impact still bears fruits that we learn from. If not all, then most current and future happenings of exploration are credited to Marco Polo and company’s grand and spirited venture to the East. The expedition’s impact rippled throughout time with most technological advancements and historical events having a dim chance of taking place sooner than what is. Present society learnt a significant thing from Marco Polo and his courageous journey to the East. We learnt the value of exploration and experimentation. We learnt that we as a race can evolve from trying new things, by experimenting. We learnt that we can find new and wonderful places by exploring. Geographical discoveries were a result of Polo’s example. Back then, to get to China or Asia, one would have to travel through the horrible Gobi Desert but that is what they said. Marco Polo thought otherwise and experimented. The discovery of the Silk Road birthed from this attitude. Europe, the Mongol Empire, and Asia would have undergone dissimilar paths in history than they did if Marco didn’t showcase the value of exploration and

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