Queen Izabela's Voyages Between Europe, The Americas, And The America

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The idea and concept of exploration for the country began with the ambition of a queen, “Queen Izabela” who had a lust for discovery and expansion. The nobles grew wealthy in Europe by trading with the east. Spices, gold, gemstones, and silk were in high demand. The European’s lost their silk road to the Turks and foreign trade is in decline. Yet Queen Izabela who was desperate to find new routes to Asia had a plan. She was the most powerful women Europe. In the summer of 1492, he was financed by Spain to find a route to Asia. He thought he could sail west to get to Asia. His voyages led lasting contact between Europe and the Americas. Christopher Columbus also started the Columbian exchange, also known as the grand exchange. This was the …show more content…
The voyage between the two areas circulate a huge variety of new crops and domesticated animals. This was made possible by the relationship that Columbus helped create between the new world (the Americas), and the old world (Europe, Asia, and Africa). The Columbian exchange had great causes and effects. Many natives received livestock, grains, and fruits, which also led to many deaths in natives due to European diseases. The natives also were introduced to new technology the Spanish introduced catholic Christian churches, and new economic opportunities. As for Spain they were provided a variety of fruits and vegetables, this created a new sourced of wealth for Europeans. Europe established a relationship between countries, which helped Spain become a major world power. The Columbian also introduced Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Because of the diseases Europeans were transferring, which killed the Native Americans, Europeans resulted to using Africans as slaves. This caused population and culture loss. In conclusion, the Columbian exchange had a major effect on our world from the 1400s to present day. The Columbian Exchange help to shape our culture, trade and not to mention life

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