The Age Of Exploration

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"I have not told the half of what I saw..."-Marco Polo. “The Age of Exploration is a world history period from 1400 to 1600 in which Europeans traveled the rest of the world in search of goods, raw materials, land, and trade partners.”(University of Cambridge) The Age of Exploration was a time when many explorers such as Marco Polo seen many things people hadn’t discovered or wrote about yet. Marco Polo was a Venetian journalist and explorer who sailed first to China, which was under the control of the Mongols, and then under the flag of China to become one of the first men of the Middle Ages to sail to Asia. Marco Polo was born 1254 in Venice, Italy. His father was Niccolo Polo, who was also a explorer that accompanied Marco Polo. Niccolo …show more content…
Kublai Khan had Polo journey through Asia where he documented what he saw. Polo and Khan formed a long lasting strong friendship. Marco Polo was the closest person to Kublai Khan. After the twenty-four years of service, Marco Polo left China and traveled to Venice, and told crowds of listeners their reports of China. Many of the listeners didn’t believe Marco Polo. That’s why he said, “I have not told the half of what I saw”. Marco Polo eventually wrote a book, Il Milione, translated to The Travels of Marco Polo. He told about his travels to China. Marco Polo impacted the world in several ways. The Polos weren’t the first to sail to China, but one of the first. They were the first to write the best-documented report on the travel to Asia. According to New World Encyclopedia,“Legend has it that Marco Polo introduced to Italy some products from China, including ice cream, the piñata and pasta, especially spaghetti.” (web) The same website also says “Several ships of the Italian navy were named Marco Polo”(web) Marco Polo is probably the most recognized name in exploration history. Polo didn’t tell everything he seen or witnessed. He started at the age of seventeen and was the youngest and most successful explorers of his

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