The Bantu Migration In Sub-Saharan Africa

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In this semester we have witnessed multiple encounters, big and small. The stories, experiences, and traditions have all been passed down by generations through books and local findings, allowing today 's world to be greatly influenced by history. Three encounters that I found the most interesting and influential are the Bantu Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa, Marco Polo meeting Khubilai Khan, and the Muslims Pilgrimage to Mecca. Each encounter strikes a different impact in today 's society such as, the enlargement of the Bantu language, Marco Polo enlightening other explorers, and Muslims finding a way with Allah as they make their pilgrimage to Mecca. The Bantu Migration was one of the most outstanding developments in Sub-Saharan Africa in ancient times. The Bantu …show more content…
They traded handcrafted pottery and stone axes in compensation for meat, honey, etc. These individuals and families migrated to the West African Forest, the Congo River basin, and the Great Lake where the population of hunters and gatherers were brought together to join and expand the society of people in which called themselves "bantu". As the migration continued and the bantu 's spread apart, the language expanded into more than five hundred related tongues. "Today more than ninety million people speak Bantu languages, which collectively constitute the most prominent family of languages in Sub-Saharan Africa" (Bentley 42). The migration of the bantu speaking people influences individuals in our world today because the language that was advanced throughout Africa after 4000 B.C.E, still lives today where over ninety million people continue to speak one out of five hundred variations. If it weren 't for the bantu 's, this language may have been long lost over the years, along with, the traditions and cultures that followed. Khubilai Khan was the grandson of the well known Chinggis Khan. Khubilai Khan was notorious for being a Mongol Ruler who unleashed barbarous attacks against

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