Marco Polo's Adventurous Life

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Marco Polo’s Adventurous Life

Marco Polo, the famous Italian explorer was born in 1254 in the city-state of Venice, in northern Italy, into a noble family of Venetian merchants. (Demi 1) Polo grew up watching his father and uncle come and go on voyages to trade in many places. In the 1260s, his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo went on a trading mission to modern day Uzbekistan and ancient China. (Ernest 564) At the age of fifteen, Polo lost his mom. In the year of 1271, when Marco turned seventeen, he accompanied his dad and uncle on their second trip to China. Polo stayed in China during Kublai Khan’s reign and came back to Venice to later be imprisoned in jail with a writer named Rustichello of Pisa. (Polo 617) Rustichello wrote the book Il Milione which later became famous and inspired many European
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Kublai Khan grew fond of Marco and wanted him to stay in China. (Ernest 567) So, Marco Polo stayed for around 17 years in China and during those years, he accompanied Kublai Khan in hunting expeditions and soon gained his trust. (Ernest 567) Kublai sent Polo as his ambassador to many parts of his empire. (Demi 23) He recorded the customs and was very inspired by many things he passed during his travels across the vast lands of China. (Demi 22) Polo was amazed with Chinese inventions like the kite, gunpowder, coal, the water clock, silk, paper, the compass, the printing press and the wheel-barrow. (Demi 22) All these inspirations and admirations he developed by his heart and mind was a significant contribution to his famous stories of his travels in the future. All the observations he took were later to be stories which became an abundant amount of information that enabled Venice and all of Europe to know more about Kublai Khan and his Mongolian Empire in Cathay(modern day China). Marco Polo was famous for his inspirational information at that time and still

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