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  • Willie Monologue

    “They throw the ball I hit it. They hit the ball I catch it.” By Willie Mays.I won’t tell you every crook and cranny of Willie’s life story but I am going to tell you some things that I’ve found are the most interesting about him and his career, for example his parents and his mentors and achievements.You may or may not know who he person is but let me tell you he is a role model for many to-be baseball players and in fact he has even been in the Hall of Fame. He has accomplished many things in…

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  • An Example Of Extrajudicial Violence In The Rwandan Genocide

    within the Philippines, going back to colonial times. After Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, the killings in the Philippines increased. With the country descending into lawless chaos, both the rebels and government forces resorted to barbaric tactics, with the NPA “known to have used death squads known as ‘Sparrow Units’ in the mid-80s to purge its ranks of government spies and to steal armaments” (Perreño 2011). When Marcos was ousted as president, the killings and the violence across the…

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  • Biography Of Corazon Aquino

    many new reforms according to the needs of the people. Unlike the Philippine’s president before Aquino, she promoted her message through more peaceful ways of protest. Aquino called for acts of civil disobedience, organized strikes, and boycotts when Marcos won the election in 1986. Aquino eradicated the government’s power to imprison people…

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  • Advantages Of Authoritarianism In The Philippines

    study on the Authoritarianism regime could be advantageous to Filipinos because it could help open the eyes and minds to other good aspects and qualities that can be drawn out from it. Being aware of the flourishing state of the Philippines during Marcos’ regime, Authoritarianism is healthy for the country at present and the things that should be considered are the country’s growth, the risk of giving up freedom, and the Filipinos’ perception on the idea. Results show that Filipinos are…

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  • Political Revolutions In The Philippines

    overcome their ruthless leaders by generating nonviolent movements, eventually resulting in the end of communism. With the influence of the media and the Catholic Church, the Filipino community successfully eliminated the infamous dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, by relying on independent organizations such as JAJA and NAMFREL, and civil disobedience campaigns.…

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  • Character Analysis Of Doug Swieteck In 'Okay For Now'

    Doug Swieteck is a boy who is abused by his father in the novel Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. The abuse of Doug is shown very well in Audubon's picture, the Brasilian Caracara Eagle. In the picture, there are two birds. One of the birds is on the branch getting attacked by the bird that is above it. The bird that is the attacker is like Doug's father, Mr. Swieteck and the defenseless bird that is below is like Doug. The similarity between the birds and Doug can be seen in the opening scene of…

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  • Essay About Overcoming Adversity

    We all have that one person that motivates us to be successful. Me personally, throughout all of high school, one of my teammates, Kayla, constantly spoke about me behind my back. Continuously, Kayla rambled “she’s not good” and “she sucks at basketball”, as much as she could. Consequently, I lost confidence and became intimidated and anxious, along with fearing the years I had left with her. However, I overcame this adversity by remembering the greater adversity that a high school basketball…

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  • Personal Narrative: Soccer

    Soccer Liz Well, my coach did say to be aggressive. It’s not my fault I did what I did. It was a cool Thursday evening, perfect for playing soccer. My coach made us run some drills before the game, just the normal dribbling and kicking practice. I was great at soccer, better than most of the other kids that played on my team, and almost as good as the kids that played on official teams with their schools. I’m pretty sure I was that teams star player. I looked over at the coach. He seemed to…

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  • Fictional Analysis: All My Life Vs. Ebay

    After comparing the descriptions between the “allmylife” items and the eBay items there was a noticeable difference between how each was described. After I reviewed a few items on the “All My Life” sales list and selected the “Fine Green Shirt” item to compare to eBay sale items. The descriptions that I found on eBay were a combination of both subjective and objective due to the fact that the author of the auction provided facts about the material the shirt was made out of, which was stated as…

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  • The Importance Of Playing Basketball

    History making is in the air and the game is getting closer to the end, you only have one chance to make one shot, to cash your check in the bank and the buzzer sounds. Your team wins because of you! You did it! But how? Basketball is amazing. Everyone says, “ball is life” but I personally believe I bring life to basketball. My natural athleticism and electrifying excitement I bring to the court is primarily why I believe what I do. I get fans riled up, I get the crowd jumping out their seats, I…

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