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  • Marco Polo And The Civilization Of The Mongol Empire

    with the utility of weaponry. In document 3, Marco Polo documented that on his travels to the Mongol Empire, he observed that the weapon that the soldiers of the Mongol Empire were most skillful with was the bow, where they interwove it into their childhood games, and the sports that were played. With this employment of the bow in their childhood, soldiers became skilled with the weapon before they were part of an army. The point of view from Marco Polo is useful because it shows that the…

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  • Brief Summary Of Kinslee's Riding Horse Training

    Kinslee has been riding horses for around seven years. She started with the very basics of riding horses and advanced from there. She is now jumping horses at around two foot three inches and showing them in the academy beginner division. Kinslee completely fell in love with the sport and the animals. She even know works with them everyone weekend by being the barn hand where she rides. People often tell Kinslee "Riding is not a workout or a sport because the horse does all of the work." However…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Role Of Groups In Groups

    A person’s knowledge that some people will be on their side and others will not, helps to shape their social identity (Hinsz & Nickell, 2004). Through conformity groups are able to shape group members way of thinking and thus individuals will adjust their attitudes and conduct to that of the group (Hart, 1998). Previously, I had overheard two staff members discussing the short comings of the last director and their disappointment in how things turned out, so I felt it was odd they did not feel…

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  • Horses In Art

    the silk road and scenes of daily activities. During the Tang Dynasty, polo match was a popular sport. In case that the long hair of the horse tail intertwines with poles, Tang people would tie up the tail of the horses to make it look very short. Since the tail of the horse in this ceramic is really short and the female rider is wearing pants instead of the traditional dress, this earthenware is probably depicting a female polo player. As we can see from this artwork, the female has a plump…

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  • Importance Of Playing Water Polo

    our second game against Waiakea High School. Winning this game meant that the Konawaena girls Water Polo team would be put into fourth place in the playoffs, which was in 20 days. I had confidence in my team that we would be able to perform well and I knew that because of our hard work and dedication during practice, it would prepare us for a successful game. My first year of playing Water polo so far has been a great experience and I was more than excited to be able to participate. Being in…

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  • Cofactor And Enzyme Reaction

    Introduction What are enzymes and how do they affect reactions? Enzymes force reactions, in cells, to maintain a speed necessary for life. Enzymes can also be considered catalysts because they require the reactions to arise faster without themselves changing. For this experiment, the substrate in the enzymatic reaction was sucrase, and it will be causing sucrose to change resulting in the following equation: Sucrose → Glucose + Fructose Where the arrow is in the equation indicates the enzyme,…

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  • Describe Acid-Base Synthesis

    Questions 1. What reaction was carried out in this lab and what reagents were used? 2. What techniques were used to purify and identify the product of the reaction? 3. Describe acid-base extraction and how it was being used in this experiment? 4. Describe recrystallization and how it was being used in this experiment? 5. Describe mixed melting point and how it was being used in this experiment? 6. What was the identity of the unknown acid? 7. What yield and percent yield were obtained?…

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  • Water Polo Informative Speech

    Water Polo is one of the hardest sports you could play each player has to go through mental and physical strain when playing. Yet it can get very confusing for someone watching with the calls that are being called. This report will give you give you a quick overview of most things water polo. The earliest we have known about the modern game of water polo was in the early 19th century and the man behind it was William Wilson. Wilson called the game “aquatic football” which had a little bit of…

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  • The Importance Of Try-Out In Sports

    I had always played in middle school, but when I started high school, I quit basketball to row crew year-round. I loved crew, making new friends at a new school. Unfortunately, in my sophomore year, the team began to crumble as coaches were being replaced. Thus, I decided to join the basketball team for the winter season, taking a break from crew. I was anxious joining the basketball team. I had not played since eighth grade, and even then I was no star player. My fear was furthered when I saw…

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  • Aquino's Corruption In The Philippines

    a. One of the biggest sources of anger with the Marcos administration was the perception of widespread corruption and fraud which plagued the governmental process. Aquino and her revolution made campaign promises to “clean up the corruption and cronyism for which Ferdinand Marcos’ was famous” (Niu 93) though once she herself had won office, the revolutionary vigor and fervor of her campaign somewhat reversed themselves. In addition to the above policy positions which she made which notably did…

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