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  • The Travels Of Marco Polo And Marco Polo And Christopher Columbus

    good aspect to come out of exploring the world, but it was also dangerous, unknown, and time-consuming. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus were two…

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  • Marco Polo Analysis

    An Analysis of the Mythic Storytelling of Marco Polo and the Detailed and Objective Cross-Cultural Descriptions of William of Rubruck This historical analysis will define the abstract mythic descriptions of Mongolian society that Marco Polo brings forth in contrast to the William of Rubruck’s objective and highly detailed analysis of cross-cultural interactions in Mongolian society. Marco polo tends to dramatize and abstract the mythic descriptions of Mongolians, which tends to discredit his…

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  • Ap European History Dbq Analysis

    According to an account of the explorer Marco Polo there various traits of Mongolia and China that were similar to those of the civilizations of Europe. When Marco Polo travel across the Silk Roads to Mongolia and China, which was under the ruling of Kublai Khan, he stayed in the city of Kinsay. In Kinsay, Marco Polo observed that in the city there were twelve guilds which specialized in different crafts and that each of those…

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  • Marco Polo's Influence On Sino-European Relations

    economic development; From Qing to Opium Wars, trade was the main reason that England brought to war in China. Marco Polo as a traveler and a merchant from Venice, was the first one who truly shortens the distance between China and Europe. Before him, silk, porcelain and tea had always been a strong link between China and Europe. "Marco Polo Travels" dedicated his 17-year old living…

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  • Marco Polo's Invisible Cities

    from Marco polo’s memory. Towards the end of the story, the fifty-five cities made me more and more troubled, as if they were just a city of different character. Marco polo visited Kublai Khan when he was 21 years old at 1,275 A.D. In 1279 the Yuan Dynasty unified the whole China to establish the seventh Chinese Dynasty. Western countries have send numerous messengers to meet with Kublai Khan, but Khan only put Marco Polo into Yuan’s historical records. I think Kublai is atractive by Marco…

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  • Marco Polo's The Travels

    Introduction of "The Travels" states that "to western Christendom the world [Marco Polo] revealed was almost wholly unknown." However, in the introduction he mentions the Franciscan travelers we’ve already encountered this semester. Ronald Latham, who wrote the introduction and is the translator of the book, acknowledges the two Franciscans and their journeys, but states that their finding were interesting but not very encouraging. Marco Polo was not the first to travel to Crimea (known as China…

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  • Marco Polo Character Analysis

    why it is imperative to look to the accounts of Marco Polo, who spent his years of youth in the capitalist city of the time, Venice, and matures into a man as he ventures through the Middle East and continues into the land of the Mongols. The connections that Marco Polo is able to make are impossible for someone who has not encountered multiple cultures. Laurence Bergreen does fantastic work of taking Marco Polo’s Travels which were written while Marco was in prison and deciphering…

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  • Marco Polo Research Paper

    Marco polo the greatest explorer ever the world's greatest explorer was Marco Polo. Known for his travels to China, the book he wrote about his expeditions, The Travels of Marco Polo, and his sharing of Asian Spices, marked him as a great influence in the13th century and beyond. Despite his enduring fame, very little was known about the personal life of Marco Polo.Marco Polo explored most of Asia and some of the Middle East. Marco Polo didn't travel alone, he had his father and uncle with him.…

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  • Marco Polo Journey Essay

    other countries. Yet Marco Polo is most definitely one of the most well known travellers and traders that had Ever lived, His sense of travel did not occur overnight as his Family was a merchant one it was unavoidable that Marco will follow the footsteps of his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo and join them in their trading business.In this essay I will analyse the processes that lead to Marco Polo becoming involved in becoming an explorer And I will do so by discussing Marco Polo’s travels…

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  • Marco Polo Mercantile Analysis

    Marco Polo reveals a mercantile approach when describing his understanding of the world. The main goal of this approach was to increase a cities wealth by imposing government regulation concerning all of the cities commercial interests. Marco Polo was born into a family of merchants which is the main reason he encounters this approach and is a privileged member of society. Many societies had tight control of limited wealth and if someone was interested in getting into business, they would need…

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