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  • Advanced Nursing Program Research Paper

    Exploring the Accelerated Nursing Program Introduction to Nursing Karissa Rice University of Missouri – Kansas City Over the years, nursing has become a growing field. There has been talk since I can remember in high school about the shortage of nursing. The field is requiring more nurses as previous nurses are retiring and a variety of field’s are expanding. The shortage is still seen today, it is thought the nursing shortage will become more serious within 10 years (Ellis & Hartley,…

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  • Psychology Specialization Essay

    Exploring Psychology Specializations 1.Identify two areas of specialization in psychology that interest you. Why do these areas interest you? What are typical topics of study within these areas? Two areas of specialization in psychology that interest me are Educational Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Educational Psychology interests me because that 's what direction I would like to go in my career. I wish to be able to help children and their families along with providing support to…

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  • Essay: I Want To Pursue A Clinical Science Degree

    Everyone has a dream in their childhood, some people achieve it and some other can’t achieve their goals and led their life through the way it is. When I was little, I wanted to be a Microbiologist. The college in our state didn’t offer the microbiology course; therefore, I chose zoology and got my bachelor degree. After completing my Bachelor degree and thinking of doing my Masters in Microbiology, I moved to US. After that I can 't pursue my degree due to my personal situation. When I…

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  • The Importance Of Pursuing A College Degree In The Future

    In today 's society, some consider not acquiring a college degree tantamount to a lifetime of financial instability and limited job prospects. This perpetuating fear drives even the most seemingly scrupulous individuals to do anything to succeed. Although cheating is often attributed to an absence of motivation, the importance of attaining a college degree to secure one 's future and the intense societal pressures to excel in school are other often overlooked incentives that could tempt…

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  • How Earning A Degree Benefits Essay

    College is one of the most important things people can do in their lives. It impacts everything afterwards. It affects everything from quality of life to overall happiness. Although the cost of the degree continues to increase year after year, so do the benefits. The debt may be suffocating at first, but the degree is truly worth the debt. According to Nces.ed the median salary for adults twenty five through thirty four years old who worked full time was thirty four thousand dollars a year.…

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  • Essay On Career Fairs

    Hien Le CIS 3380 Extra Credit (5 points) All- Majors Career Fairs On September 22, I had a chance to go to All- Majors Career Fairs and talked to a lot of representations/ employees from different companies. However, the most person that remained in my mind after the job fair is Professor Stephanie Krueger. She comes from Lone Star College in Houston. She is such a kind and warm person to talk to. The topic in our conversation was should student go get a job right after graduating or…

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  • Case Against College Robert Lee

    Case Against College Lee essentially claims that college is unnecessary and a huge waste of time. Lee’s statement that college is unnecessary is completely incorrect. She used several statistics to support her claim, but left out all of the opposing statistics. Lee used an example of her own son to strengthen her argument, but this does not support her thesis completely. College is worth the investment and time because of the success and sense of accomplishment that comes with obtaining a…

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  • Social Work Motivation

    Social Work and Probation I am very undecided with what I want to do, but what interests me is something in the field of Social Work and Probation. After high school, I plan on attending BYU-Idaho where I will study psychology and receive my bachelors degree in social work, then pursue a career in social work and the field of probation and eventually get married and start a family. I believe that things like social work are very important to our society. Social work is defined as, work…

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  • Nursing Personal Statement Essay

    I clearly remember the day I found my father lying on the sidewalk as he suffered from a stroke. I was barely a teenager when my father became ill. My family spent countless hours in the hospital, nursing home, and various doctors ' offices trying to learn what had happened to this man who was our pillar of strength. I recall how the nurses became his greatest advocate and always voiced their concern for him. In those moments I realized I had found my calling in the field of nursing. Today, my…

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  • Career Changes In Nursing

    Throughout a life span many changes will take place within your career. Some changes will be good or bad. What drives the change to occur within a career is status, money or health related issues? Career changes are general made to enhance life style. Role transition is moving from one disciple to another, while still remaining in same field. The roles will change as well as the mindset to create a better change. Transitioning from one level of nursing to another usually occur when a person…

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