Reflective Essay About Going To College

Ebonyrose Campbell
Ms. Milliner
September 22, 2016
College Reflection Essay A lot of different factors go into deciding whether to go to college or not. It may seem that college is the mandatory step after high school but it’s not the best choice for everyone. Going to college is completely optional but most people rather to continue their education instead of cutting it short. Factors such as better opportunities, finding yourself, and stability for a family play a big role in deciding if college is the right choice. College is more than just a continuation of your education. It’s more than just a part of the “American Dream”. College opens the door to many opportunities that may not be available to people who opt out of it. Recently, many more jobs require a college education. According to David Leonhardt, “A new study even shows that a bachelor 's degree pays off for jobs that don 't require one: secretaries, plumbers and cashiers.” Evidently, in order to have the future that you want you must go to college. In an interview i did with my mom, She stated that a factor that went into her decision to go to college was the opportunities that it would bring. Coming from a background where college wasn 't always an option, she wanted to take advantage of
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But for those who want to endure it, getting better opportunities, finding yourself and stability for a family may be a few reasons why it’s worth it. Going to college may have many good outcomes but there may be some valid reasons not to go. Tuition and debt, for one, can be a lot to handle when you’re starting your independent life. On the other hand, going to college can get you the best possible job that you may want so you can pay off those debts. It also improves your wellbeing. These factors are also personal to me and why i want to go to college. Overall, the college experience is once in a lifetime. The benefits are worth

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