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  • Personal Statement: My Academic Goals

    My personal goals are to get as healthy as I can; mind, body and soul. I want to lose a little weight, continue to learn about myself and my family, and be a kinder person all around. I would like to obtain my meditation and yoga teaching certifications within the next year. I have the daily goal of remaining focused and keeping things as organized as possible. My academic goals are to complete my bachelors degree in Human Services from Empire State College and my masters degree in Psychology.…

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  • BSN Goals

    Oftentimes in one’s academic life there is an opportunity to reflect on the past, which leads to learning more about one’s future potential. This degree plan is such an opportunity designed to allow me to pursue further chances to acquire additional knowledge and expertise in this field. The various topics to be discussed include; specific goals in pursuing a BSN at Empire State College (ESC), the expectations of nursing professional, academic expectations, a conclusion, as well as references…

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  • Importance Of Personal Relationship To Science

    I have always needed to understand the hows and the whys of life, have always had an internal drive to boil down complex situations into a manageable set of rules and parameters. And, upon meeting that need, and equally imperative need swiftly follows: the need to share that understanding with others. The first time I experienced these twin desires in relation to science was at the age of nine. Being homeschooled, my mother included watching Nova and Scientific American Frontiers as part of my…

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  • 'Blue-Collar Brilliance' Should Everyone Go To College?

    Don’t Be Afraid of the Working Class Many people are faced with a challenging decision involving education. Education can lead to an enjoyable future and a more lucrative career. The articles “Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose and “Should Everyone Go to College?” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill attempt to answer the question of whether or not college is necessary. Should college be pushed as a requirement to gain intelligence and wealth? Both authors use very different tactics to…

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  • Durentha Hines Character Analysis

    As Durentha Hines watched her son walk across the stage to receive his bachelor’s degree. She was proud of his accomplishment, but the thought of her own dreams not being achieved crossed her mind. There was a feeling of selfishness because the day was to celebrate her son achievement, and she was thinking of herself at this moment. The dream of one day walking across the stage to receive her degree, and hearing her children give her praise seemed reachable. At that moment, she made a promise…

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  • Latino In Education Essay

    Just as a fore warning data in this subsection is very limited, as many studies have not went as far to study Latinos in graduate school. Many undergrads believe they are done with education once they are four years are done and they have received their bachelor’s degree. Even though the economy is on the rise in unemployment rates have lowered nationally, attending graduate school will help stabilize these income securities definitely throughout history. With higher levels of education,…

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  • Why I Want To Return To College Essay

    So, you’re nearly 50 years old and you 're already retired why would you return to school? Formalized education is one of the keys to success at every stage of your life. To be a lifelong student is to remain engaged with the world as it is at that moment. My college career began back in 1985 as a freshman with only one goal in mind: get the degree to make a lot of money! Well, needless to say that alone would not be enough direction and discipline to get me to the finish line. I manage to…

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  • Healthcare Administration Goals

    We all have goals and dreams for our lives. My three main goals are to work at a hospital by obtaining a college degree in Healthcare Administration Management, to become a minister with a degree in Biblical Studies, and for personal improvement. These three goals are also my dreams, and I am obtaining them by attending Colorado Christian University (referred to as CCU from here on in.) Due to my faith in God, poor health and living in a rural area, the online programs offered through CCU…

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  • Nursing Personal Statement

    I have chosen to pursue a career as a nurse because I want to make more of an impact in people 's lives. I have always had an interest in health and it wasn 't until I graduated college and work as Medical Secretary for the Operating Room at Montefiore New Rochelle that I realized I wanted to make a career out of nursing. My previous job was an unit secretary that mainly consisted of interacting with patients families, discharging patients off the unit, and pharmacy runs for the nurses. However…

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  • Reflective Essay About Going To College

    Ebonyrose Campbell Ms. Milliner EES21QH-03 September 22, 2016 College Reflection Essay A lot of different factors go into deciding whether to go to college or not. It may seem that college is the mandatory step after high school but it’s not the best choice for everyone. Going to college is completely optional but most people rather to continue their education instead of cutting it short. Factors such as better opportunities, finding yourself, and stability for a family play a big role in…

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