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  • How Earning A Degree Benefits Essay

    College is one of the most important things people can do in their lives. It impacts everything afterwards. It affects everything from quality of life to overall happiness. Although the cost of the degree continues to increase year after year, so do the benefits. The debt may be suffocating at first, but the degree is truly worth the debt. According to Nces.ed the median salary for adults twenty five through thirty four years old who worked full time was thirty four thousand dollars a year.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Social Workers

    “Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives.” (BLS) This broad statement can describe an immense amount of jobs and careers but usually social work is considered people specially hired by a department of human services or even hospitals. Their job can be to help clients with community resources such as food stamps, childcare, and healthcare; some also investigate child abuse and neglect. (BLS) Although social workers perform a great service to the…

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  • Emily Hanford's Article: The Value Of A College Lesson

    College’s Worth Tuition, books, food, room and board are just some of the mounting expenses college students are faced with on a daily basis. The rising cost to attend college has left many questioning whether or not a college degree is really worth it. Emily Hanford, the author of the article entitled “The Value of a College Degree” writes that college is absolutely critical in order to have a successful future. She stresses that in today’s society those who do not receive college degrees are…

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  • College Still Matters

    The constant increase of college tuition has provoked many students and parents to question the worth of attending a college. Even politicians see that high tuition rate is something that should be reconstructed to allow those with less money to pursue their intellectual goals. Even with the high cost there are numerous studies, surveys, and statistics that show the value of a bachelor’s degree –although attending college without a goal or a career in mind may be a waste of money and time. A…

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  • Participant Four: A Case Study

    Participant One is a 50-year-old African American sales manager. She is a grandmother. She cares for two of her grandchildren. She has had 2 ½ years of college experience. Quite often, she has tried to complete a bachelor’s degree, but her job has consumed most of her time. She seemed to feel that a degree would mean the world to her despite her present obstacles, which seem to be financed. She has a great desire to complete her degree, but “the timing is just not right at this time.” She…

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  • Bashir Mickshar Research Paper

    Computer programs, smart phones applications, and ATM’s software become our right hand every day. Bashir Mukshar is one of the earliest people how decided to study Programming in the latest of 1990s. Bashir is a 42 years old American man born in Manhattan, NY. While he was in school his favorite two classes were math and science. After he graduated and got his bachelor degree in programming he started teaching programming in high schools and some colleges for about 15 years, while he was working…

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  • Future Career Research Paper

    In the 21st century it is important to have a good career. It is important to start looking from young age. In my research, I have found five careers that have the potential to become one of my future jobs. The five careers I have chosen are becoming a teacher, a guidance counselor, a career counselor, becoming a psychologist or lastly becoming a pharmacist. A teacher is a person who teaches. Their responsibilities are to always have lesson plans prepared. Followed by teaching classes and…

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  • Pursuing A Career As An Accounting Degree

    Career and College Research Paper. When asked what you want to be when you grow up you can be stifled. Especially when you consider if you want to go to college or not.They have to consider every factor before they make that big of a decision. For some people this may be the biggest decision of their lives. When I grow up I want to be an Accountant. To do that it will take a lot of work,but if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything in this world I want to do. First I need to choose…

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  • Phi Thetappa Honor Society Interview

    Profile of Mister William Ashcraft It’s a cool spring after noon on Friday and Araria Campus has some lingering students, teachers and campus workers. Some have classes, meeting to attended, papers to write, or papers to grade. As I head to my interview with Mister William Ashcraft in the kings building on the 5th floor. I hear 60s rock music coming from his office, as I walk in he, is sitting behind is desk grading papers. A man over 50 years old standing about 5’6 foot tall. He wore a light…

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  • Essay On Why I Chose Biology

    As long as I can remember I always talked about going off to college, I had the urge to leave my home and experience new things. I felt that I could better myself through education and most importantly help others along with my family. My way of doing this was by majoring in biology and becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon. Biology according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is a science that deals with things that are alive; such as plants, animals and humans. While majoring in biology there are…

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