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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As An Online Student

    During my past academic experience, I was enthralled with the material ad knowledge that I was able to obtain and did. After I graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in the year 2013, I started my college studies with California Coast University that same year. California Coast University is a, accredited university that offers online degree programs. I enrolled in the Associate of science in general studies program. My courses and studies consisted of Environmental Science, Mathematics,…

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  • Air Force Career Analysis

    What is that career like today? Include a general description, educational expectations, necessary qualifications, etc. (250 words minimum) As a Detachment Operation Flight Commander, you are supervising over majority of the cadets. Such as, checking dress code, maintain attentions for the cadets, in charge of the lessons, classes are in order, Honor Code and NO hazing, discrimination or sexual harassment. When I saw this the first time, I thought this was a lot. But then as I read more and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After Vietnam

    SILVER LINING The first year of living after the Vietnam War ended in 1975 was the most difficult for me. When I heard my president Minh Duong, in South of Vietnam, commanded us to give up and hand the weapons to the North Vietnamese Communist Party, it felt like an atomic bomb exploded inside my head. My entire life, my body, and my heart fell down as I came to a free fall. For weeks I gradually got used to a new reality that my government lost the war. When terrible things happened to me after…

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  • Case Study: Scaletta CPA & Associates PC

    Scaletta CPA & Associates PC is an accounting firm serving clients throughout the area dedicated to providing clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs. Scaletta CPA & Associates PC was established in 1977 and has been providing services of all sizes for nearly forty years. Their main services include: accounting and bookkeeping, payroll services, audits and reviews, financial statements, and tax preparation and planning.…

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  • Gender Roles In Computer Science

    Computer science is a male dominated job sector that is not well oriented for the normal female worker. It is seen as a world where only males can succeed. Most jobs in the computer science area are seen as male jobs. But it is time for a major shake-up in this society’s modern workplace. Melissa Koch states that there are many different reasons for females not pursuing a career in computer science. One of Koch’s reasons is that the “media depict men as experts in technology”. When…

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  • My Motivation To Pursue A College Degree

    My Motivation: What motivates me the most to pursue a college degree is that I will be the first person in my family to receive one. My grandmother is the backbone behind this motivation because she was always making sure that academics came first in my life. There was rarely a day that I would come home and she would not ask me questions about my homework, asking what I learned in school, or even looked over my homework. As I got older, she made sure I was a part of a college prep program…

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  • Advanced Nursing Program Research Paper

    Exploring the Accelerated Nursing Program Introduction to Nursing Karissa Rice University of Missouri – Kansas City Over the years, nursing has become a growing field. There has been talk since I can remember in high school about the shortage of nursing. The field is requiring more nurses as previous nurses are retiring and a variety of field’s are expanding. The shortage is still seen today, it is thought the nursing shortage will become more serious within 10 years (Ellis & Hartley,…

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  • Psychology Specialization Essay

    Exploring Psychology Specializations 1.Identify two areas of specialization in psychology that interest you. Why do these areas interest you? What are typical topics of study within these areas? Two areas of specialization in psychology that interest me are Educational Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Educational Psychology interests me because that 's what direction I would like to go in my career. I wish to be able to help children and their families along with providing support to…

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  • Essay: I Want To Pursue A Clinical Science Degree

    Everyone has a dream in their childhood, some people achieve it and some other can’t achieve their goals and led their life through the way it is. When I was little, I wanted to be a Microbiologist. The college in our state didn’t offer the microbiology course; therefore, I chose zoology and got my bachelor degree. After completing my Bachelor degree and thinking of doing my Masters in Microbiology, I moved to US. After that I can 't pursue my degree due to my personal situation. When I…

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  • The Importance Of Pursuing A College Degree In The Future

    In today 's society, some consider not acquiring a college degree tantamount to a lifetime of financial instability and limited job prospects. This perpetuating fear drives even the most seemingly scrupulous individuals to do anything to succeed. Although cheating is often attributed to an absence of motivation, the importance of attaining a college degree to secure one 's future and the intense societal pressures to excel in school are other often overlooked incentives that could tempt…

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