Career Essay: My Career As An Academic Advisor

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The Life of an Advisor

An academic advisor plays a big role in the education field. Academic Advisors work in schools in order to help and guide students in the right direction when it comes to their education. My old high school advisor, Mrs. Davis, plays a very big role in my education now and while I was in high school. She is always there to help me and give me good advice about my college journey. Even though she is a high school advisor, and because of all the great things she has done for me and my education I chose to write my personal profile on her and her career as an advisor.
An Academic Advisor help students pick the right major and also the right classes in order for them to head down the right path in their career and in life.
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She has been an advisor for six years. Her job is to makes sure that all students are on the right path to graduate, she helps them pick the right classes that will give them the correct amount of credits. Growing up her mother was her motivation according to Mrs.Davis her mother is the reason for her success, her two- year old daughter is also her motivation as well because she is a single mother her daughter is the reason why she pushes herself so much to be the best she can do in life. She also loved to work with kids when she was in high school she became a tutor to help other student with their …show more content…
Because it is so much stuff that you have to do in just so little time such as get students schedule together, make sure students are on the right path to graduate and keeping up with their credits and grades. But I love her ambition and how she gets the job done. And not only as an advisor do I look up to her but as a woman I look up to her and how she handles her business at work and at home with a two-year-old daughter and being a single mother. I enjoyed learning new things about being an advisor and seeing all the things that they have to do in order to get ready for every semester including new school

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