La Haine

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  • Cultural Themes In La Haine

    “La Haine” explores the themes of how cultural diaspora would affect the shape of identity. Identity reflects how the ever-changing society would affect an individual’s development, and it would never be completely set in stone. Director Mathieu Kassovitz sets out to capture how the remains of the empire is still apparent in societies with prominent cultural diaspora. Even today, it is being talked about, when it comes to the presence of the migrants. According to Paul A. Silverstein and Chantal Tetreault of “Post colonial Urban Apartheid,” the urban planners sought to “de-concentrate white urban poverty from city centers,” which in theory would have seemed to benefit the cosmopolitan area, so there was a rise of the suburban areas and more…

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  • Stereotypes In La Haine

    Balta 1 Erdem Balta ASIU 101 15.12.2015 In the movie “La Haine” it is quite possible to talk about traditional stereotypes concerning race, class and/or culture. The movie takes place in the in Paris, and three friends are centered: one is a black guy, Hubert; another one is an African, Said and one is a Jew, Vinz. The movie has number of racial, class and cultural points that are underlying ‘the other’ of France. Starting from the first scene, we observe a Paris that is not matching with the…

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  • La Haine Film Analysis

    Paris suburbs have faced an influx of immigration since 1990s. Undergoing the modernization trend and economic crisis of Paris, the banlieues became isolated both objectively and subjectively from the main society. Problematic issues as result were accumulated emerging in between suburban French youth and the society. It was an appeal to hope for restoring the status quo bias, and a call to action for causing social concern. In order to criticises the injustice of racial and social, La Haine, a…

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  • Realism In Film Making In 'La Haine'

    Realism is all about giving the audience the real world feeling. In most realism movies we will notice more use of eye level medium shots and pan shots. To give the audience more realistic feeling they use handheld cameras and fixed cameras on tripod. The movie “ La Haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz can be a great example of realism film, however many critics has classified this film to be in the category of new realism. New realism is representation of neorealism from 1945-1950 period of filmmaking.…

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  • Haines: Future In Tourism

    The Haines Case Study Question 1: Haines will definitely have a future in tourism. Despite that ;leisure and hospitably are a new category they have been trying for quite a while to attract tourists, but without a solid plan. However, they should be very careful when planning, due to the fact that they have to save the natural resources; which they still possess, after the mining, fishing, and timber exploitation that have been sustaining the communality for almost two centuries. Additionally,…

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  • A Tragic Hero: A Short Story

    the sirens to be unconscious. And for the siren queen, a diamond encrusted silver sword must be used to slay her for she is immortal. Markeus nods his head, gathers the elements given to him and is off to his journey. When Markeus reaches the rocky coasts of Athens, he spots the guardian siren named Mayia. Markeus quickly pulls out the shell from his satchel and throws it towards the siren. The shell then exposes an enchanted powder, that puts Mayia in a deep sleep. The waves crashed on top of…

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  • Figurative Language Short Story

    I could hear the water in the lake behind moving ever so slowly, but just enough for me to know that I wanted to stay forever. I felt like I was rich and had the biggest and most beautiful house on the entire planet. I remember dancing around with Hippo in the living room singing, “I am rich, la la la! I am rich la la la!” After I stopped dancing and singing, I then thought to myself “ This is paradise.” As I placed my placed my hand on the little statue next to me, I could feel my heart start…

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  • Best Concert Reflection

    Landing on the hard consonants and using them at the beginning of the word to propel the pitch forward worked perfectly. However, where there were any uncertain parts, prime example being the "Fa la la" section of “Fire”, our intonation, as well as all the other technical aspects declined rapidly in quality. As far as rhythmic accuracy goes, “Fire” may have lacked that quite a bit in the “Fa la la” section of the song, as well as small hiccups in some of the alleluia phrases of the Latin piece…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Haines City High School

    The situation I encountered is an experience I will not forget. Today it feels as if it was just yesterday, I went to Haines city high school. I attended the school all four years; I wouldn’t say I was a bad student. I always attended school but when it came to getting serious in class, I took it as a joke back then, I took everything as a joke, life hadn’t hit me yet, I was dumb and I didn’t realize at the time what consequences my actions would have. For example, senior year, I was…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Soccer Experience

    first 11 players in my team I get in the team in the second time. I was scared there making my first steps in the field, I touched the ball and the game continues. I didn’t do much for my team, it was my first official game in this team and this country but we won that day. We are a team, we play for it. The coach was happy for our first game. The practices continue and every day more hard. The coach sometimes gets angry but it’s normal. However, everyone is doing their best in the practice, in…

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