Diaspora politics

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  • Cultural Themes In La Haine

    “La Haine” explores the themes of how cultural diaspora would affect the shape of identity. Identity reflects how the ever-changing society would affect an individual’s development, and it would never be completely set in stone. Director Mathieu Kassovitz sets out to capture how the remains of the empire is still apparent in societies with prominent cultural diaspora. Even today, it is being talked about, when it comes to the presence of the migrants. According to Paul A. Silverstein and Chantal Tetreault of “Post colonial Urban Apartheid,” the urban planners sought to “de-concentrate white urban poverty from city centers,” which in theory would have seemed to benefit the cosmopolitan area, so there was a rise of the suburban areas and more…

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  • Theme Of Identity In Kureishi's My Beautiful Laundrette

    The Oxford dictionary defines identity as “The characteristics of determining who or what a person or thing is”. The Hebrew word “Galut”, “initially referred to the setting of colonies of Jews outside Palestine after the Babylonian exile”, when translated into Greek leads us to the etymology of the term “diaspora”, based on “speiro” (to sow) and the preposition “dia (over)” and in Ancient Greece it referred to “colonization” and “migration.” (Shuval, 2003) Thus, diaspora refers to the…

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  • Ethnicity In An Age Of Diaspora By R. Raakrishnan

    In “Ethnicity in an Age of Diaspora” by R. Radhakrishnan theorizes how diaspora is viewed between generation and how it affects their ethnicity and background as a whole. He poses to the reader that being Indian-American, as a hyphenated aspect does not mean that an individual is being Indian. The reader begins to question, “What does “being Indian” mean in the United States? How can one be and live Indian without losing clout and leverage as Americans? How can one transform the so-called…

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  • Relationship In Githa Hariharan's The Ghosts Of Vasu Master

    Relationshipis the bondage in which the Indian society prevails. Githa Hariharan being an Indian women writer has written many novels and short stories. In all her novels she deals with the theme of social, political issues. She also deals with problems faced by women in Indian society. One another theme is relationship. In all her novels, she deals with some kind of relationship. In the novel The Ghosts of Vasu Master Hariharan deals with the relationship between a teacher and a student. She…

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  • Characteristics Of African Diaspora

    what African Diaspora is. The authors tackle the question of race and racism, what characteristic makes someone part of the African Diaspora, the importance of the idea of a homeland, and finally the nature of dispersal. Throughout the readings we are given many points of view. Combing every section of this course this information has impacted the way I view certain communities. For example, we cannot just assume that everyone’s story is the same or that “blackness” and “African” mean one single…

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  • Irish Diaspora History

    The Irish Diaspora in the US is massive with the 1990 census totalling an immense 43 million Americans consider themselves to be Irish American which at the time equated to roughly 19% of the American population(Feargal Cochrane 2007:218). Beyond just equating for a fifth of the American population, a third of American presidents having heritage to Ireland with four specifically having ties to what is now the Republic of Ireland while the other 12 are linked to Northern Ireland. Despite the fact…

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  • Puerto Rico's Racial Democracy

    urban life, combining Puerto Rican hip hop with Jamaican dancehall. In Petra R. Rivera-Rideau’s, book Remixing Reggaetón Rivera-Rideau discusses the cultural politics of race in Puerto Rico, focusing on Reggaetón as a critique of Puerto Rico’s “racial democracy.” At the start of this book, Rivera-Rideau focuses on Puerto Rico’s underground music scene as a culmination of the African Diaspora and a political statement of the racial conditions Puerto Rico faced at the time. During a time when…

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  • Africana/Black Studies

    aspect, and diaspora of the African and African-American people. The class cultivated mainly at historical black colleges, and was informally known as “Black Studies”. The class soon was recognized in its excellence and developed even more through the help of the National Council for Black Studies: NCBS was established in 1975 by African American scholars who recognized the need to formalize the study of the African World experience, as well as expand and strengthen academic units and community…

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  • Gaines Thesis

    Robert Browne faced continuous discrimination in the US and this was a driving force to move elsewhere. Browne recognized that because of the color of his skin, he was hired by the US Foreign Service. Browne noticed a “racial brotherliness” during his travels in Asia. Browne extensively travelled to Asia and would develop a bridge between American and Asian politics. As the US decided to fight in Vietnam, Browne became a voice in opposing the war. As a great public speaker, he would often…

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  • Summary Of Shadowshaper

    enough’ (Older 80). By Older tackling the issue of identity in his novel, he brings race into the discussion of identity politics. Although Shadowshaper is a novel written by a Latino author about a Latina character, it can be consider a postmodern black cultural artifact because it displays multiple black identities and various experiences, breaking away from the one-dimensional stereotype depicted by white scholars. Black culture and Latino culture are not mutually exclusive. There are a…

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