Luigi Galleani

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    always be collision between one and the other” (Foner). Sacco and Vanzetti both presented themselves in very unique ways; but at the time, Judge Thayer stated that it was not odd for two different types of people to come together for an unusual act. Sacco made a living working at a local shoe factory in Stoughton, Massachusetts. On the other hand, Vanzetti sold fish on the streets of Plymouth, Massachusetts (Foner). Although Sacco and Vanzetti were Italian immigrants, they still lived the normal American life at the time, outside of being in Anarchist groups and various gangs. The men were militant disciples of “Luigi Galleani, an anarchist who advocated revolutionary violence, including bombing and assassination” (“Sacco and Vanzetti; Executed”). Luigi Galleani was a man who did multiple bombing and assassinations to take out people who he believed were class enemies. Galleani described his class enemies as a person or social group(s) who did not have the same communist views has him or his followers (“Sacco and Vanzetti; Executed”). The crimes that Sacco and Vanzetti were accused of, were not unusual types of murder and or robbery at the time. “This type of brutal murder and robbery was not uncommon in the post World War I America; therefore at this stage in the crime, it only aroused local interest” (D’Attilio). As found in later research, since the crime was not so uncommon, interest was not drawn until the trial started to last several years. During the trial, guns were…

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    political left, especially anarchists and communists, as well as sympathizers with these movements. And, because of the communist Bolsheviks taking power in Russia only two years before, immigrants from Russia and their children were often arrested simply for being of Russian decent. Palmer appointed J. Edgar Hoover to head the Radical Division of the Bureau of Investigation, putting Hoover in charge of his raids. Through the Palmer Raids, Palmer and Hoover hoped to stop a supposed communist…

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