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  • Pokemon Black Monologue

    ... you probably can't tell, but I'm living up to my title of Lord of the Sighs at the moment. Some of you might remember the SoulSilver Scrublocke back in, what was it, early June? Totally forgot to continue that. I decided to just scrap that project altogether and play one of my favorite Pokemon games thus far, Black, because I'm black, too. Genius jokes are genius. Now, for those who don't know what this is, allow me to explain. A Nuzlocke is basically a more advanced way to play the in-game story, in which if a mon faints, it is considered dead and must be placed in the box. You can only capture the first encounter in every area, if you fail, tough luck. Everything must be nicknamed. Simply in theory, annoying as hell in practice. I will also be using the…

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  • Pokemon Essay

    Who in this world has never played or heard about the game Pokemon? I am sure that every teenager used to play the game when he was a kid or every older people have children who played years ago. I remember whenever I was a kid I used to love this game; getting the new version every year, meet with all my friends to play it together, but over the years the game became repetitive. Pokemon needed a blast, and it was accomplished with the released of Pokemon go. The game Pokémon is a Japanese…

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  • Essay On Pokemon

    Most kids watch the anime series Pokemon because it is fun and amusing to watch but did they ever think about who Ash’s (main character) father was? Ash’s father never appears on screen, or at least he never appears on screen saying that he or ir is Ash’s father. For those who don’t know what Pokemon is, it is a world-wide famous anime series about a trainer and his pet like creatures called Pokemons going on an adventure. The protagonists are Ash, a human being and Pikachu, Ash’s first pokemon…

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  • Pokemon Go

    Contents 1.1 Introduction: 3 1.2. What Pokémon Go is? 3 1.2.1. How Pokémon Go is designed and implemented? 3 1.3. How did Nintendo brand get its fame? 4 2.1 Why did Pokémon Go get huge success? 6 3.1. Pokémon Go’s impact on Nintendo brand 7 4. Customer view on Pokémon Go: 9 5. Conclusion: 10 1.1 Introduction: 1.2. What Pokémon Go is? Pokémon GO is an amazing interactive and innovative idea in the world of game by Nintendo. It’s a gaming platform developed in July 6, 2016. This game uses…

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  • Analysis Of Pokemon Go

    2016, Niantic collaborated with The Pokémon Company and launched their location based and augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go. Within months, Pokémon Go became one of the most downloaded and popular applications in 2016 and a phenomenon among younger generations. This mobile game brings more than pleasure, entertainment and amusement to its users; it also promotes physical activities and stepping outside the room to explore the cities and catch wild Pokémons, according to Pokémon Go’s…

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  • The Lexicon Of Pokemon Go

    Throughout the course of these 10 weeks, I recorded my experience regarding the worldwide phenomena, Pokemon GO. Released July 1st, 2016, Pokemon GO is a smartphone game that uses GPS and real-time tracking to allow users to virtually traverse the world of Pokemon, collecting new creatures, items, and real-life interactions along the way. While the game is based on the original game series started in Japan in 1996, making its way to the United States in 1998, the game play is quite different.…

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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    A bit of Pokemon history to begin, Pokemon has been around for twenty years. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and developed and released by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures or better known as a trio joint company Pokemon Company or Pokemon Company International. Which was not official until 1998. The first sets of games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996, under the name Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it has been here in the United States under…

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  • The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

    The Pokèmon Go phenomenon has since come and gone, as do most fads. The popularity of the game has died down significantly, however, the game’s creators have been updating the game in hopes of reeling back in those who once spent hours walking around town in search of a Pikachu. Although some Baby Boomers and Generation X may view Pokèmon Go as just another video game that is turning millennial brains into mush, it actually has a number of qualities that make it more than "just another video…

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  • Pokemon Speech Essay

    Pokemon are not the same as different animals in that a large number of them can suddenly transform and procure new powers. In Pokemon speech, this is called "advance" however of us with an enthusiasm for fossil science realize that development just happens over a time of thousands or a huge number of years, while a transformation is something that a living animal is conceived with-it doesn't for the most part happen at a specific phase of life. In any case, creatures do change as they become…

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  • Pokemon: A Short Story

    It was a cloudy day out, the rain had started after two boys got off the bus. These two boys were happily talking about Pokemon and giving tips on how to level them up faster. The clouds were ominously moving before letting a few tears fall before the downpour starts. The two friends run inside as fast as they can laughing at everyone running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The bond these two have built has been tested on numerous times. Today they face the biggest test yet, and…

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