It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

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  • Public Enemy's Influence On American Culture

    consciously spat with an anger-filled authority where even, “one song describes Public Enemy as ‘prophets of rage’ –and on stage he performs surrounded by what the group calls a ‘security force,’ young men in uniform who hold plastic Uzis” [1]. Their stage presence manifests a provoked uprising for change and the need to protect such an ideal from being extinguished, thus the need for a “security force.” This appearance pushed to revive a strong willed fight behind their message. The overarching themes of Public Enemy’s music is an empowering black political ideology and self-determination for the black community. This ideology is quite blatant in songs like “Party for your Right to Fight.” The intro to the track “Prophets of Rage” especially is an audio clip of an exchange between someone and Flavor Flav where it says, “You’re quite hostile. I got a right to be hostile, man, my people are being persecuted!” [3]. Public Enemy uses rage as a fuel to shove their message against injustice to the black community into the public eye. While the hostile perception of Public Enemy and its performance style perpetuated a great deal of controversy around the group, many of their albums rocketed to the top ten of album charts and It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back even went platinum. Their message to the public was one that had to be shouted to be heard and the more voices they accumulated, the more powerful it would become. As hip-hop developed as a genre, Public Enemy…

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  • How To Be Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

    Donald” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold the highest office in our land? The prestige, the honor, and the respect that comes with the job is what 43 men have had the chance to experience. And, this year, it was explicit that our nation would have the first women president to take the oath of the presidency. But, there is one orange, beautifully haired man, who refuses to let this transpire and is leading the charge to the democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. And that man…

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  • World War 2 Essay

    continued on between nations. The years between the first and second World Wars were a time of instability because throughout the world there was a Great Depression that began around 1930. During this time nations like Germany, Italy and Japan developed intense nationalist feelings that led them to a desire to expand. In Europe Germany wanted to expand in Northern and Eastern Europe. Italy wanted to invade Africa…

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  • American Flag Symbol Analysis

    None can measure to the intensity of the American society hold towards those thirteen strips and fifty stars. Americans fly their American flags daily on front stoops to back flat-bed trucks. This standard is a fixture in virtual very school across the nation, flying in front most government building and business from showroom floors to the moon. Americans display old glory for emotional support in the best of and the worst of times. As our nation approaches the fifteen anniversary of 9-11. The…

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  • Immigration And Utilitarianism

    and will argue the fact that the current immigration reform is making us poorer, not richer. Many will also argue that immigration puts our privileged lifestyle in jeopardy. We as a nation need to acknowledge the fact that we are confusing our interests with ethical values. The fact of the matter is we should be doing what is ethically and moral right, not protecting our interest, but sharing our interests with other. Our nation was built upon and directed by many documents and constitutions.…

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  • The American Dream: Illegal Immigrants

    agree that it is an issue that needs to be fixed. One view is that illegal immigrants are a burden to the economy and must be eradicated from the US. To start they take jobs away from citizens, tax payers, and law abiding citizens. Millions of dollars are spent on educating, housing, and providing health care for undocumented immigrants and give very little back in the way of taxes. According to a detailed analysis by the Heritage Foundation, each illegal immigrant costs our country $24,000 a…

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  • Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

    We always stood with the people who were fighting for their civil rights. As a role model country, United States has always opened their doors for the migrating peoples and refugees. But when it comes to Syria, we are pulling our hands back by just limiting their flow into the America. The things that is bugging us is their religious appearance which can be connected to different inhumane acts happened in the U.S. and worldwide. Their appearance of being Muslim refugees is the root cause of the…

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  • Totalitarianism In Ww2

    At the time of World War I, the world had expected it to be the “war to end all wars”. Unfortunately, all it would accomplish would be setting the stage for World War II to take place just a couple decades later. The war was seen as unnecessary, with world leaders having many opportunities to not go to war, and yet becoming one of the world’s most devastating and bloody wars that it had ever seen. It became the catalyst for the social and economic conditions that would create more animosity…

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  • The Importance Of Privacy And National Security

    established their foothold in the middle east, they have known that with the amount of negativity they were receiving one person would be bound to take it upon themselves and attack the United States. At what price will Americans have to pay for the security of our nation? Is it truly necessary to wiretap every call in hopes to find the one that ruins it all for everyone?…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of US History

    colonies, since then US has expanded its physical territory exponentially. It now has 50 states, along with many islands and common wealth. Along with its physical expansion, also came an economic boom. The US has been known for decades as the land of opportunity. Many immigrants travel to the US for the “American Dream”, escaping war, poverty, and persecution. Unfortunately, with all of its positive aspects, there is also a dark side of history. There are plenty of dark chapters in US history.…

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