How To Be Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

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How To Be “The Donald”
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold the highest office in our land? The prestige, the honor, and the respect that comes with the job is what 43 men have had the chance to experience. And, this year, it was explicit that our nation would have the first women president to take the oath of the presidency. But, there is one orange, beautifully haired man, who refuses to let this transpire and is leading the charge to the democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. And that man is no other than Donald Trump.

There have been three key planks to Donald’s success in this year 's pivotal election. If you follow a procedure that wakens the frustration of average american citizens around the nation, you are destined
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Even Bernie Sanders, who is the oldest out of all the other candidates is having trouble doing the amounts of Town Halls, Rallies, and Speeches Trump has been doing. This is because Mr. Trump is surrounding his followers with positivity. Whenever he is in a rally, he will only kick protesters out. Other than that, he allows his supporters to stay and clap at his ludicrous statements. In addition, Trump gains his positiveness and traction by insults. We have seen how no ethnic group, religion, or individual has been spared by Mr. Trump’s remark. From Latinos, to Muslims, to Megyn Kelly, to the current President himself, Trump is renowned for his subtle comments regarding the situation in our nation when it pertains to these people. He has no problem turning to negative connotations when his poll numbers begin to dip and challenge his opponents to gain more media coverage. This is what makes Donald so likable. If you want to run a platform like Mr. Trump, you have to exhaust every option to make every opponent around you suffer, and be humiliated. First, he was able to eradicate the ideology that Jeb would ever make a good president. Trump had the audacity to go after Jeb’s brother and his track record, and was successful. In addition, he challenged Curz and his eligibility to run for president. And let us not forget about “little Marco.” Trump was able to destroy Marco to the point where Mr. Rubio had no option but to drop out. Always remember, there is no mercy especially to those of the

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