Donald Trump's Time To Get Tough-Making America

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Born in New York on June 14th, 1946, Donald Trump is a world famous, republican businessman who is well known by the media as being a considerably outspoken man, who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion about any issue, no matter how ridiculous his opinion may be. He is no different in his book, Time to Get Tough- Making America #1 Again. Throughout his book, Donald Trump makes sure to mention, numerous times, that President Obama has failed the United States, and provides suggestions that he believes will fix America and the problems President Obama has created. Donald Trump begins his publication by discussing his views on oil in the chapter, “Take the Oil.” According to Mr. Trump, Iraq should be providing oil to pay back the United States …show more content…
Trump believes that illegal immigration is destroying U.S. taxpayers, and he believes that neither Republicans nor Democrats are helping the situation. Republicans don’t do anything about illegal immigration because some of their business supporters want cheap labor. Democrats look at illegal immigrants as potential Democratic voters (135-136). Both Democrats and Republicans may have their reasons for illegal immigrants to stay, but Donald Trump thinks that the parties need to put America’s interests first and that illegal immigrants need to return from whence they came. Trump then continues to discuss that illegal immigrants are by definition, lawbreakers, and refers to them as “illegal aliens” due to the fact that illegal immigrants are often members or violent gangs. (138-139). Economically, illegal immigrants are hurting the United States. Illegal immigrant children often need special language specialists and classes, which takes time and resources away from students who are actually U.S. citizens. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, U.S. taxpayers “shell out” $52 billion annually to educate these “illegal aliens” (140). In order to fix the problem of illegal immigration, Donald Trump has come up with the “5-Point Trump Plan.” First, the U.S. needs to secure its borders. Second, we need a president who will enforce our laws. Third, we need to overrun Obama’s ICE recommendations for illegal immigrant detention facilities. Next, we need to oppose the DREAM Act, which grants in-state tuition benefits at public colleges to illegal immigrant college students. Finally, democrats need to respect our laws (146-151). Donald Trump believes that illegal immigration is a waste of taxes, and is not fair to immigrants who are lawfully waiting for a

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