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  • Public Enemy's Influence On American Culture

    Public Enemy was formed in 1982 as a socially conscious hip-hop group. It was initially compromised of Chuck D (Carlton Ridenhour), Flavor Flav (William Drayton), Terminator X (Norman Lee Rogers), and Professor Griff (Richard Griff). These core members first met at Adelphi University through the school’s radio station. They shared common interests for politics, philosophy, and, of course, the musical realm of hip-hop [6]. Each of the members’ upbringing in the suburbs of New York was filled with the influential music by artists such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Brother D, and James Brown [2]. These pop culture icons provided the social framework for Public Enemy to deliver their assessment of the current issues plaguing the black…

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  • The Narrator In David Fincher's Fight Club

    His character must face a myriad of emotions including jealousy, rage, confusion, and disgust. Norton believably conveys each of these feelings and others. Moreover, his voiceover monotone is perfect for the messages he has to convey. As Tyler, Pitt excels. He is at his utmost charismatic, winning the other characters’ and the audience’s trust and admiration. He is also darkly funny and nails the comedic bits. He accomplishes these feats by his rapid speech, which makes him seem perfectly…

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  • Realism In Robert Tyler's Fight Club

    The principle subjects of the story are dejection, realism, and opportunity from society. Tyler was made due to the absence of association the storyteller had with the individuals around him. The storyteller was desolate and went to such a large number of care groups on account of it. He was not dismisses at the care groups on the grounds that the individuals thought he was wiped out simply as were they. Realism is a reoccurring subject as the storyteller specifies how he has functioned his…

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  • The Expendables Film Analysis

    The Expendables movies are an action and thriller film, written by David Callaham and Sylvester Stallone, and directed by Stallone, Stallone, himself also starred in the lead role. These movies, have a similar plot, in Expendables one, was about suicide mission and the second edition, was about murder, which is similar to the first edition. By comparing these two posters, first and second Expendables edition, we all can see the differences on how they promote and sell these movies. I choose this…

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  • Analysis Of Gossip Girl

    young adults have a multitude of differences. Their personalities, sense of fashion, and aspirations in life make for unique and intriguing characters in Gossip Girl. “Upper East Side queens aren’t born at the top, they climb their way up in heels no matter who they have to tread on to do it.” A voice over from the secret Gossip Girl accurately describes Blair Waldorf’s motives for her actions. She is known by her friends as a pro schemer. Blair enjoys sabotaging her competition. She is…

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  • A Dios Momo Reflection

    The film A Dios Momo takes place in Uruguay and features a young boy named Obdulio. Obdulio works selling newspapers on the street for an unfair boss and aspires to be a famous soccer player. He is illiterate and refuses to go to school. Then, after a bad day at work, a mysterious stranger leads him to a night watchman at a newspaper office that decides to tutor him. At first Obdulio is reluctant, but he soon learns to read and write as well as helping the watchman deliver lyrics for a theatre…

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  • Marchosias: A Short Story

    All eyes are on me. The king, the crowd, and the other participants stop whatever they were doing, but it's not as if it's my first time seeing something big similar to an eagle. I've seen a hound from hell already, so I don't think a giant eagle would faze me. By the way, where is that hound from hell? I have not heard from him ever since we left Rydia. Speaking of a hound from hell. Where the heck is Marchosias? At this point he'd be telling me "what a ridiculous farce, your gamble will only…

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  • Feminism In Fight Club

    Based off the book written by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club is a film directed by David Fincher. Fight Club is concerning two men who establish a secret boxing club. Eventually the club transforms into a group of men who create complete and total anarchy against the materialistic version of the world that is taking over a simple world they once knew. This film conveys the quest of men and their desire for masculinity, and turns it up a notch. Would it be possible to find feminist views in such…

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  • The Character Of Ahjussi, And My Gangster Like Lover

    Ahjussi (아저씨), also known by it’s English title The Man from Nowhere, is an action packed, thriller film starring Won Bin as the movie’s protagonist, Cha Tae Sik. The movie was released on August 4, 2010 and was directed by Lee Jeong Bum. The story begin with Cha Tae Sik, the owner of a pawnshop, who lives by himself and leads a quiet life. He is a quiet man and does not have any friends except for a little girl, Somi, who lives next door with her mom. Somi frequents the pawn shop, often selling…

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  • Fight Club Film Analysis

    “Fight Club” (directed by David Fincher) is a 1999 American film based on the novel of the same name written by Chuck Palahniuk. It stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter, all of whom were praised on their performances in the film. Edward Norton plays the unnamed lead role but it referred to as the Narrator in the credits. He works at a dehumanizing office job as he explains that all you have to do is follow a formula which a computer could do. The sequence I looked at starts…

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