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  • Revenge, Masculinity, And Consumerism In Fight Club Directed By David Fincher

    Fight Club is a 1999 film directed by David Fincher; starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Based on the novel of the same name, Fight Club takes you into the mind and world of “The Narrator” (Edward Norton) – AKA Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). As he struggles to take control of his life and of his reality. The film touches on multiple issues: Revenge, masculinity, and consumerism. It juggles all these issues while using a variety of editing, filming, and storying telling tricks and techniques. For the purposes of this analysis the themes of masculinity (or lack thereof) will be the main focus. Throughout the film the topic of men and their masculinity is presented as a large issue. This is hinted at from the establishing shot of the film. We see a man sitting in a chair and another man standing above him. This man wields a gun he has placed in the other man’s mouth; obviously showing his dominance over the other man. This is an example of how the film deals with the themes of masculinity from the start. The men featured in this film are middle class American workers who feel out of place in their jobs and day to day lives. To combat this…

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  • The Narrator In David Fincher's Fight Club

    about Fight Club with unbridled affection. To test this, just ask someone what the first rule of Fight Club is. All this talk is not without founding, as Fight Club is a mostly entertaining film. This David Fincher movie follows a man identified only as The Narrator (Edward Norton), a run-of-the-mill of office worker at a gigantic company who suffers from insomnia. The Narrator has become numb to the majority of pain and emotions (his job entails him inspecting automobile accidents), and this…

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  • Fight Club 2005 Analysis

    Production Assets: Creative Writing 1996 Film I’ll just preface this by saying I had an extremely hard time choosing a director. I love film and drowned myself in choices; but the director I chose is a personal favorite of mine as well as an amazing director that could take this project to the next level, David Fincher. Anyone who loves film knows the Finch, the guy behind Fight Club, Gone Girl, Se7en, and my personal favorite, Zodiac (so underrated it should be criminal). So why would Fincher…

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  • Feminism In Fight Club

    Based off the book written by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club is a film directed by David Fincher. Fight Club is concerning two men who establish a secret boxing club. Eventually the club transforms into a group of men who create complete and total anarchy against the materialistic version of the world that is taking over a simple world they once knew. This film conveys the quest of men and their desire for masculinity, and turns it up a notch. Would it be possible to find feminist views in such…

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  • Tyler Durden's Occupy Movement

    children of history. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off” (Fincher) Then, through the 2000’s, we experienced a highly televised war and an economic crisis. When the idea of upheaving the economic structure of society from the bottom up came forth in Fight Club it gave the basic blueprint for the…

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  • Fight Club: Film Adaptation Of The Book

    and 'Jack ' solidify their relationship. Chuck Palahniuk loved the film, and in fact, stated that the ending was far better than his own, and is using the ending of the film in the sequel that is currently being written. Both versions of Fight Club are semenal pieces of work, dealing with many of the frustations that Generations X and Y have had to, and will continue to deal with as they live out their lives. The story of Fight Club is one thousands can identify with, regardless of how they…

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  • The Internship Theme

    Movie review Theme The Internship is about two watch salesmen, Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson). The two are cut off from their jobs after their industry realizes that technology (the digital world) is causing a decline in their business therefore leading to their employers going out of business. Billy then takes the initiative to enroll both him and Nick to an internship at Google, their entrance into this internship programme is a battle. However, they qualify and…

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  • Analysis Of The Departed

    The Departed is a Martin Scorsese film released in 2006 (The Departed). While it may appear to be just another mob movie in a sea of mobster noir films, it’s a contemporary crime drama that hinges on thriller as well. The film is set in modern times on the south side of Boston, and the characters are keen to remind everyone of that fact, making the setting of the south side a prominent point throughout the film. It starts with an almost benevolent Frank Costello, expertly played by Jack…

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  • David Fincher Alien 3 Analysis

    In 1992 David Fincher made his directorial debut with Alien 3. Fincher’s film was the third entry in the Alien franchise following the critically acclaimed films Alien and Aliens directed by Ridley Scott and James Cameron, respectively. Unfortunately, Alien 3 was poorly received by moviegoers, as well as Fincher himself. There was studio interference in the making of Alien 3, so much so that Fincher has disowned the film and to this day still does not consider it his film. David Fincher…

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  • The Character Of Ahjussi, And My Gangster Like Lover

    Ahjussi (아저씨), also known by it’s English title The Man from Nowhere, is an action packed, thriller film starring Won Bin as the movie’s protagonist, Cha Tae Sik. The movie was released on August 4, 2010 and was directed by Lee Jeong Bum. The story begin with Cha Tae Sik, the owner of a pawnshop, who lives by himself and leads a quiet life. He is a quiet man and does not have any friends except for a little girl, Somi, who lives next door with her mom. Somi frequents the pawn shop, often selling…

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