Revenge, Masculinity, And Consumerism In Fight Club Directed By David Fincher

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Fight Club is a 1999 film directed by David Fincher; starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Based on the novel of the same name, Fight Club takes you into the mind and world of “The Narrator” (Edward Norton) – AKA Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). As he struggles to take control of his life and of his reality. The film touches on multiple issues: Revenge, masculinity, and consumerism. It juggles all these issues while using a variety of editing, filming, and storying telling tricks and techniques.
For the purposes of this analysis the themes of masculinity (or lack thereof) will be the main focus. Throughout the film the topic of men and their masculinity is presented as a large issue. This is hinted at from the establishing shot of the film. We see a man sitting in a chair and another man standing above him. This man wields a gun he has placed in the other man’s mouth; obviously showing his dominance over the other man. This is an example of how the film deals with the themes of masculinity from the start.
The men featured in this film are middle class American workers who feel out of place in their jobs and day to day lives. To combat this
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It takes place at a support group for men with testicular cancer. The Narrator is being hugged by a man called “Bob” it is reviled through voice over that Bob has recently had his testicles removed. And because of this he is questioning his “manhood.” The way the Narrator finally cures his insomnia is by letting go and crying. Traditionally a very unmanly thing to do. Later in the film in one of the many scenes at fight club two men embrace and start crying just as the men at the testicular cancer support group did at the beginning of the film did. Tyler even walks around the members just as the leader of the other support groups had. Fight Club had become just another support group for men. Yes, more “manly” and “masculine” than others, but none the less similar in a myriad of

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