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  • Good People By David Lindsay-Abaire: An Analysis

    While it is frequently ignored, there is a very important distinction to be made between ethics and morals. Ethics are derived from society and its norms. They differ culturally and with age and are placed on the individual according to the social setting they find themselves in. Breaking ethical code often results in shame from the community. Morals are only reflect beliefs of the individual. Every person has his or her own morals and while they can be influenced by upbringing or aspects of society, on the basic level, they are simply what each individual finds to be right or wrong. Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire looks at both the morals and the ethics of the individual and how their contrast can cause both internal and external conflict. Margie and Mikey’s decisions are of superior…

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  • Fuddy Meers Analysis

    Dustin Mosko directed the production of Fuddy Meers, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and performed by the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, which I attended on October 6, 2015 at 7:30 pm. I enjoyed this play and thought the actors did a wonderful job; I loved the set and the costumes did a wonderful job completing the character. The story was somewhat confusing to keep me engaged, but I feel like that was the goal of the playwright. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. In this…

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  • Lindsay Loh The Confessions Of An Unstable Home Life

    Famous celebrity, Lindsay Lohan, was admitted to Malibu’s Promises Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Facility back in the summer of 2007. When the world hears of celebrities being admitted to treatment facilities, they wonder why and how did someone end up in this position? When Lohan’s father is brought into the picture, who was incarcerated for driving under the influence of alcohol, it is no surprise that Lohan followed in her fathers footsteps of becoming an alcoholic. Not to mention the song…

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  • The Lord Of The Flies: A Literary Analysis

    Don’t you understand? Can’t you see we ought to—ought to die before we let the fire out?" (Golding 31). The boy's purpose was to make sure that there was a fire going everyday in order to get saved. In order to be a survivor one should find purpose in any circumstance to help get saved from the troubles they face. It is much easier to just give up than to figure out how to survive, which is why it is important to find one's purpose in any situation. By finding a purpose one will have the ability…

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  • Regina George In Mean Girls

    Many people know of Germany's most well-know supreme controlling and murderous famous dictator, Adolf Hitler. Many people also know of the hit movie Mean Girls staring Lindsey Lohan before her drug downfall. What many people do not know is that Adolf Hitler and Regina George of Mean girls have many similarities. Adolf Hitler was a dictator governmental leader in Germany from 1933 – 1945. Adolf was a major power in Germany, being a brutal an unforgiving leader. During Adolf leadership he was…

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  • Mean Girls Movie Analysis

    Analysis of the Movie “Mean Girls” using Compliance Gaining Strategies and Nonverbal/Verbal theories In the movie ”Mean Girls”, many different communication behaviors appear in the movie whether it may be verbally or nonverbally this film portrays many of the interpersonal communications behaviors. This film is a satirical and comical movie portraying a high school with the typical “mean girls” clique and the other cliques for example the jocks, the nerds, the prep and more created in high…

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  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter Analysis

    The example of fictional television violence we will look at for the purpose of this paper will be the show Dexter—one of the more famous antiheroes in American television in the last ten years. Dexter was adapted by James Manos from the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” which was written by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter aired for eight seasons on Showtime, lasting from 2006-2013. The story is about Dexter Morgan who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a forensic blood splatter analysist—but…

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  • The Mean Girls Analysis

    In the movie called, “The Mean Girls” there is a character named Cady Heron. Cady Heron just moved to the United States from Africa. She has been homeschool her whole life and she was starting a new high school. In high school, Ms. Heron has to deal with teenage life that run socially by a group of artificial girls called, “The Plastics.” As the story goes on, Cady Heron winds up becoming the plastic’s queen of sorts and is dethroned by the old queen, when all of the students find out what these…

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  • Reading The Catsuit: Serena Williams And The Game Changer In Tennis

    I have decided to write a response paper to Jamie Schultz’s: “Reading the Catsuit: Serena Williams and the Production of Blackness at the 2002 U.S. Open.” I really enjoyed reading her journal and all the opinions regarding Serena William’s infamous catsuit. Although there are some negative opinions regarding Williams’ choice of outfit and the way she presents herself, but she has challenged the normative white identity in women’s tennis. She has pushed the boundaries not only in tennis, but also…

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  • Maria Sharapova Essay

    Be it through television, radio, or toys, we are a product of our childhood. The things we experience as children daily have an enormous, impressionable impact on our lives. For me, childhood wasn’t a typical cookie-cutter situation. For me, the character that stuck with me the most during my childhood wasn’t a toy or television character; it was a tennis player by the name of Maria Sharapova. To understand my––for lack of a better word––obsession, let’s set the scene. It’s been approximately a…

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